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UNC Radiology’s Heather Jordan, RDMS, and Katrina McGinty, MD, in the KCH Department of Radiology

UNC Global Radiology, a RAD-AID Chapter, uses an interprofessional collaborative approach by integrating radiologists, technologists, nurses, physicists, informatics professionals, administrators, and other professionals to achieve sustainable progress in our global health partnerships.

This column features perspectives from several UNC Department of Radiology volunteers supporting RAD-AID International’s educational partnership at the Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. These combined voices demonstrate the power and impact that we have in our collaborations.

UNC sonographer, Heather Jordan, teaching in Malawi as a RAD-AID ASRT Foundation Outreach Fellow

UNC Radiology sonographer Heather Jordan shared: “Ultrasound is a quick, cost-efficient, diagnostic tool that is extremely important in helping to maintain excellent patient care across the globe. To be effective, this portable, non-invasive modality requires hands on training. An experienced sonographer is able to quickly triage the importance of a patient’s needs and thoroughly evaluate soft tissue pathology without exposing the patient to radiation.

“A diagnostic medical sonographer has a skillset that is helpful in training medical professionals in resource lacking countries. Having a trained medical sonographer in the room ensures quality imaging and thorough organ investigation. Proper knobology and transducer technique is key to maintaining an excellent standard of care. A physician who has been trained by a medical sonographer has the ability to utilize ultrasound to diagnose and manage patients.

UNC Radiology’s Katrina McGinty, MD, and Heather Jordan, RDMS, with colleagues at Kamuzu Central Hospital

“I feel I made a difference in the future of sonography at KCH. This experience opened my eyes to how great the need is in these resource (including education and equipment) restricted areas of the world. I am eager to return!”

Andrew Woodward, a technologist from UNC Radiology’s Advanced Imaging Lab, builds on this theme, noting: “The imaging technologist is an essential member of any team engaging in global health initiatives. They bring to the imaging team an in-depth knowledge that covers a broad spectrum of equipment operation and imaging techniques that are essential to producing quality images.”

UNC Global Radiology Initiatives

Donations given HERE and through MAKE A GIFT icons on most UNC Radiology website pages with the Radiology Global Health Initiatives fund selected directly support our Department’s efforts in global public health. Your donations have already made a huge difference to help keep our colleagues safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing a grant for local procurement of scrubs, PPE, and bleach. We aim to raise funds for a new ultrasound with service and maintenance in Malawi and to support our Kenyan colleagues during observership in UNC in the future. Updates will be provided here when Global Radiology Initiatives monies are used so that we can see the progress that we are making together.

Melissa Culp, M.Ed, RT(R)(MR)
Director, UNC Global Radiology, a RAD-AID Chapter
Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology

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