Graduates of UNC Department of Neurosurgery Residency Program

Resident Current Position Post-Residency Fellowship
2017 Jeffrey Aucoin, MD Spine - Texas Back Institute, Dallas
2017 Adeolu Olasunkanmi, MD Spine - University of Wisconsin, Madison
2016 Carolyn Quinsey, MD Academic Practice - UNC Chapel Hill Pediatric Neurosurgery - Oregon Health and Science University
2016 Jason Blatt, MD Academic Practice - University of Florida Pediatric Neurosurgery - Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
2015 Selma Kominek, MD Private Practice- TN
2014 Jenny Orning, MD Cerebrovascular Fellowship - University of Illinois at Chicago
2013 Peter Steenland, MD Private Practice- Asheville, NC
2012 Tiffany Grace Perry, MD Academic Practice - Cedars Sinai Spine Fellowship - Cleveland Clinic
2011 Timothy Maryanov, MD Academic Practice - Univ. of South Carolina
2010 Deanna Sasaki-Adams, MD Academic Practice - UNC Chapel Hill Skull Base & Cerebrovascular - Saint Louis University
2009 Alim Lahda, MD Private Practice - Midland, TX Spine - Duke University
2008 Samer Elbabaa, MD Academic Practice - Saint Louis University
2007 Michaux Kilpatrick, MD Private Practice - High Point, NC Functional - University of Pennsylvania
2006 David Cheng, MD Academic Practice - Brown University Functional - Massachusetts General Hospital
2005 Ricardo Cortez, MD Private Practice - Jonesboro AR Spine - University of Miami
2004 Marshall Tolbert, MD Private Practice - Anchorage, AK Endovascular - Duke University
2003 Saad Khairi, MD Private Practice - Indianapolis, IN Spine - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
2002 Kyle Weaver, MD Academic Practice - Vanderbilt Medical Ctr Neuro-Oncology - Johns Hopkins
2002 Diana Wiseman, MD Navy Neurosurgery - San Diego, CA Spine - University of Washington
2001 John Stokes, MD Private Practice - Austin, TX Spine - UCLA
2001 Wesley "Cas" Fowler, MD Private Practice - Asheville, NC
1998 John Iskandar, MD Private Practice - Mesa, AZ
1998 David McKalip, MD Private Practice - St. Petersburg, FL
1996 Scott Boyd, MD Private Practice - West Columbia, SC
1995 Timothy Cohen, MD Private Practice - Anchorage, AK Spine - University of New Mexico
1995 Scott Dull, MD Private Practice - Toledo, OH
1992 John Gartman, Jr., MD Private Practice - Johnson City, NY
1991 Thomas E. Melin, MD Private Practice - Wilmington, NC
1990 Hilari L. Fleming, MD Private Practice - Reno, NV
1989 Adam Brown, MD Private Practice - Wilmington, NC
1988 Zev Elias, MD Private Practice - Roanoke, VA
1987 David E. Tomacek, MD
1986 Stefan G. Pribil, MD Private Practice - Port St. Lucie, FL
1985 Basil C. Theodotou, MD Private Practice - Melbourne, FL