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The Division of General Anesthesia cares for those patients not included in the specialist services such as pediatric and cardiac.  It represents the single largest group of anesthesia practitioners, although anesthesiologists within the generalist group also frequently have qualifications and experience within the subspecialty groups.  This ensures that clinical care can be provided to all patients in a comprehensive manner and that specialist considerations can be seamlessly integrated into generalist cases to provide a broad range of resident training.

This division works extensively with patients undergoing a wide range of procedures ranging from general, orthopedic and ENT surgery to vascular and surgical oncology surgery.  Patients with trauma are also usually cared for by the generalist group.  Off-site work in other hospital departments includes work with cardiac, radiological, gastroenterological and pediatric patients.  The generalist group covers the in-house on-call duties at night and during weekends, and is supplemented by the immediate availability of specialists as needed.

The majority of major lower limb joint surgeries and many upper limb surgeries include a regional block.  Regional anesthesia is also used for the majority of lower limb vascular surgeries.  Thoracic epidurals for postoperative pain management are encouraged for major abdominal surgery.