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The Department of Anesthesiology requires all devices accessing the UNC network and exchange email accounts to be secured with a password with minimum security standards.


Basic Password Requirements are as follows:

  1. Power On Password (minimum of five characters)
  2. Device Reset (security wipe) upon five unsuccessful login attempts
  3. Hard Reset (security wipe) upon disposal

To comply, follow these steps on your device:

iPhone & iPad

  1. Settings -> General
  2. Auto-Lock: specify minutes
  3. Passcode Lock
    1. Turn Simple Passcode Off
    2. Turn Passcode On and enter password
    3. Turn Erase Data On (Don’t forget the password!)
    4. To reset device and wipe data: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings


  1. Options -> Password
  2. Choose Enabled
  3. Change Number of Password Attempts to 5
  4. The security settings on the blackberry automatically set the device to perform a security wipe after the number of unsuccessful passwords attempts has been met. (Don’t forget the password!)
  5. To reset device to factory defaults and wipe data, Options -> Security -> Security Wipe. Select all check boxes and enter “blackberry” to proceed with the wipe.


  1. Tap Menu button from home screen
  2. Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock -> Password