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Liver Group

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical Center is home to a long-standing and highly accomplished Liver Transplant Program. The Multi-disciplinary physician team includes surgeons, hepatologists, and anesthesiologists that are national recognized for their expertise in liver transplantation.

The Department of Anesthesiology has been an integral part of the Liver Transplant program since its inception in 1991. All transplant patients (including adult and pediatric patients) are cared for by an excellent team of physicians with several years of experience in liver transplantation anesthesia. Currently, there are seven dedicated physician faculty members on the team. Additionally, resident physicians are actively involved in the care of all liver transplant patients.

Liver transplantation poses many anesthetic challenges, and the patients that we care for bring a wide variety of co-existing conditions to the operating room. All patients are carefully reviewed in a weekly meeting by a multi-disciplinary team including our anesthesiology faculty members. Participation in the comprehensive care of liver transplant patients enables us to deliver the best possible customized care to this high-risk patient population. We are proud of the fact that despite their critical illness, our liver transplant patients have an excellent 1-year survival rate of greater than 90%. Since 1991, we have performed over 1,300 liver transplant procedures, and we strive to continue this tradition of excellence.

In addition to caring for patients undergoing liver transplantation, anesthesiology faculty team members in the division frequently care for patients having major vascular surgery (including aortic reconstruction, lower extremity revascularization, and carotid artery surgeries), pancreatic islet cell transplantation, and kidney transplantation.

Faculty Team Members: