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Congratulations on this years’ graduate students who defended their theses and earned their PhD’s.

Flier of Andrew Lerner defense January 25 2019 with same details as web text above this image



1/25/2019 Andrew Learner (Strahl/Kuhlman labs) “Elucidating Dynamics of Histone Post-Translational Modifications Using Optogenetics” Dr. Learner accepted a Fellowship in Innovation and Translation in the Eshelman Institute for Innovation at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy that begins in February 2020.


picture of defense Jacob Matson



3/8/2019 Jacob Matson (Cook lab) “Regulation of MCM Helicase Loading During Early Differentiation and Cell Cycle Re-entry” Dr. Matson accepted a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Lee Zou’s lab at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Alex Chung and Leslie Parise



3/21/2019 Alex Chung (Parise lab, Pharmacology) “CIB1: A Promosing Target in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer” Dr. Chung accepted a position as a Project Specialist at Syneos Health in Morrisville and will work on clinical operation and strategy.


Samantha Kistler Defense on 3-29-19



03/29/2019 Sam Kistler (Campbell lab, Pharmacy – CBMC) “Ras Acetylation Directs Effector Specificity” Dr. Kistler accepted a position at Merck.


Astor Ankney defense on June 20 2019



06/21/2019 Astor Ankney (Chen lab) “Secretotranscriptomics: A Novel Approach to the Discovery of Liquid Biopsy Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Prognosis” Dr. Ankney has accepted a position at National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).


Hyunna Lee Defense on August 8 2019 Campbell lab



08/12/2019 Hyunna “Teresa” Lee (Campbell lab) “Role of Metavinculin in Actin Reorganization and Force Transmission” Dr. Lee has accepted a position at National Institutes of Health (NIH).


photo Megan Arrington with 2 advisors Aug 14 2019 Chemistry phd
Sharon Campbell PhD, Megan Arringotn PhD, Richard Loeser PhD (Thurston Arthritis Research Center)



08/14/2019 Megan Arrington (Campbell/Loeser labs, Chemistry) “The molecular basis for Rac2 E62K immune deficiency” Dr. Arrington is furthering her research at UNC while seeking a position.


photo of Frank Teets, graduate student (Kuhlman lab)

11/01/2019 Frank Teets (Hahn/Kuhlman labs, B&CB student) “Function-Driven Approaches to the Design of Optogenetic Tools” Dr. Teets has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship under Dr. Chris Bahl at the Institute for Protein Innovation at Harvard Medical School.