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Dr. Arrel Toews, Research Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, has been invited by second year medical students at UNC-Chapel Hill to provide a review of Biochemistry to prepare them for their USMLE Step I exams.

Arrel Toews, PhD

Dr. Toews was selected for his “…excellent teaching…” according to the second year medical students at UNC-Chapel-Hill. The US Medical Licensing exams (USMLE) assess a physician’a ability to apply the knowledge and concepts he or she has learned and to demostrates their skills in patient-care. Step I is the first of the three exams and Dr. Toews will provide his review of Biochemistry on Friday, April 4th to prepare the second years for their upcoming exam. Dr. Toews has a track record of achievements in teaching – just last year he was selected as an Associate Fellow to the UNC Academy of Educators and this year he is a finalist for UNC’s Class of 2008 Faculty Award.