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As the BCBP Postdoc Committee enters its third year, we’re celebrating a transfer in committee leadership.

Ajit in winter coat in lab 2023

Ajit Prakash PhD is serving as the chair of the postdoc committee for a second year.

Logan Slade PhD

We’re also excited to announce that Logan Slade PhD in the Cook lab has stepped up to be the new vice chair of the committee.

About Logan Slade

Logan did his PhD at Dalhousie University in Canada. His PhD research focused on the regulation of cell stress responses in triple-negative breast cancer.

During his PhD, Logan was able to uncover novel regulators of DNA repair following genotoxic chemotherapy treatment. He became interested in studying the basic mechanisms through which cells maintain genome stability and avoid DNA damage, and this led to his fascination with cell cycle control.

Logan joined UNC as a postdoc in the Cook lab in May 2023. He is interested in exploring cell cycle regulation using high content imaging, functional genomics, and bioinformatics. Specifically, Logan is investigating how DNA replication proteins are regulated prior to cell cycle exit.

Logan is excited to serve as the vice chair of the postdoc committee and help grow the postdoctoral community within the BCBP department.

In his free time, Logan enjoys watching and playing basically any sports, riding bikes, hiking, and generally exploring outside. He also listens to a lot of audiobooks, especially non-fiction and histories.

Stay tuned for our next committee meeting and upcoming town hall.