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After the events this week in the United States, particularly the violence and vandalistic actions that took place the at our Nation’s Capitol – these actions threatened the very ideals of our country and resulted in a tragic loss of life. We, the BCPB leadership, strongly condemn and decry these recent events where racist groups and individuals assaulted Federal property. Violence and disrespect against the ideals of freedom is especially shameful and despicable.

What transpired to be quite real is the fact that the way the police acted on Capitol Hill against white supremacy was quite distinct than when it faced the recent Black Lives Matter peaceful demonstrators. This flagrant example of systemic racism asks for our attention.

Our expectations are for investigation and accountability for those that fomented the attack on the Capitol and the use of force against the leadership of the United States.

The wellbeing of our individuals and our communities, of all races and ethnicities, is of the highest priority. We will continue to speak out and work against these injustices for the benefit of all.


Brain Strahl PhD, Interim Chair and Professor

Silvia Ramos PhD, Diversity Liaison and Associate Professor

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Biochemistry and Biophysics Department
School of Medicine