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3 weeks ago

Staff, faculty, grad students: Appy for the 2023 Dialogue for Change retreat

Apps due Jan 16. Dialogue for Change (DfC) is a weekend intensive professional development program that takes participants through a concise Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) experience and provides them with concrete skills to create meaningful change in their communities. Participants will learn more about the tenets of IGD, engage in self-reflection, and develop their identity as a change-agent through interactive exercises. The UODI will offer 2 retreat opportunities, one for Carolina faculty & staff and the other for graduate & professional students.

3 weeks ago

Open Basic Science T32 Postdoctoral Research Positions

Join an established interdisciplinary postdoctoral T32 fellowship program in basic and translational aspects of genetics, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, pathophysiology and treatment of liver and gastrointestinal tract disorders. Program goals are to attract Ph.D., M.D. and DVM postdoctoral trainees to these fields and to provide training in state-of-the-art research techniques. Fellowships are for two years, and are funded by an NIH (NIDDK) Institutional T32 Training Grant.