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photo of Brian Kuhlman PhD
Brian Kuhlman PhD

Brian Kuhlman, co-director of the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics training program, received the Award for Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring. This is awarded to select faculty members affiliated with the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) who demonstrate excellence in mentoring graduate students.

The Awards for Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring exemplify faculty members who demonstrate high integrity and professionalism, show respect for trainees, provide opportunities to network both within the university and within the scientific field of interest to enable trainees to meet their goals, and demonstrate long-term commitment to supporting trainees beyond their training period in the lab.

Read the December 2020 Vital Signs article about other award recipients. Congratulations, Brian!

Past Mentoring Award Recipients associated with our department include:

Henrik Dolhman 2018-2019

Gary Pielak 2018-2019

Matthew Redinbo 2018-2019

Brain Strahl 2018-2019

Read the past recipients here Congratulations to the Recipients of the OGE Award for Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring.