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Congratulations to our 2019 presentation winners Cathy Anderson, Stephan Kudalcek, Edhirz Siraliev-Perez, and David Thieker.

Talk Winners

Cathy J Anderson graduate student
Cathy Anderson a graduate student in the McGinty lab

“Cryo-EM structure of Dot1L-nucleosome complex illustrates epigenetic crosstalk”

Stephan T Kudlacek graduate student
Stephan Kudlacek a graduate student in the Kuhlman lab

“Targeting Dengue Envelope Protein Instability Regions using computational design to develop improved Dengue Subunit Vaccines”

Poster Winners

Ed Siraliev-Perez graduate student
Edhriz Siraliev-Perez a graduate student in the Sondek lab

“Dynamics of allosteric activation of PLC-gamma isozymes”

photo of David_Thieker Kuhlman lab postdoc 2019

David Thieker PhD a postdoctoral fellow in the Kuhlman lab

“High-Throughput Design and Assessment of Protein-Based Inhibitors Targeting Guanine Exchange Factors”