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Courtney Vaughn, a MD/PhD student in the Sancar Laboratory, was awarded the Scott Neil Schwirck fellowship for her work studying the role of DNA damage repair and circadian rhythm in tumor response to platinum-based chemotherapy. Her work explores how the efficiency, genomic pattern, and circadian oscillation of platinum-induced DNA damage repair may impact tumor sensitivity to treatment. The Schwirck Fellowship was established in memory of Scott Neil Schwirck, a member of the UNC School of Medicine Class of 1993, by his family and friends.  Scott’s enthusiasm for science and his good character were well recognized during his tenure here and the fellowship recognizes students who demonstrate similar qualities of intellectual vigor, enthusiasm for science and research, and desire to help others. A faculty committee selects the fellowship recipient.

Photo of graduate student and professor
Harold C. Pillsbury III, M.D., Emeritus Chair, UNC Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery,  Faculty Advisor, John B. Graham Medical Student Research Society is pictured here with Courtney Vaughn, a MD/PhD student.

More information on the Scott Neil Schwirck fellowship is available here.