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Kathryn Gunn PhD
Kathryn Gunn PhD, postdoctoral fellow in Neher lab

Congratulations to Dr. Kathryn Gunn, a postdoctoral fellow in Saskia Neher’s lab, on receiving a K99 Pathway to Independence Award from the NIGMS.

The highly prestigious K99/R00 award will provide funding for the last 1-2 years of Dr. Gunn’s postdoctoral training and 3 years of independent funding after she transitions to a tenure-track faculty position.
Dr. Gunn’s proposal, “Self-regulation of Lipases by Changes to Quaternary Structure,” will allow her to expand her current research by training in cryoelectron tomography (cryoET) with her co-mentor Dr. Peter Rosenthal at The Francis Crick Institute in London. Dr. Gunn will use cryoET to image in situ lipoprotein lipase structure. For her independent work, Dr. Gunn will use a combination of cryoEM, cryoET, and fluorescence microscopy to explore how pancreatic metabolic enzymes self-regulate by quaternary structure formation.