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Leah Combs
Leah Combs, Accountant

Leah Combs our Accountant who supported Lynn Ray our former Associate Chair for Administration and Business Manager since April 2019 has taken another position and will be leaving our department effective January 17, 2023.

The Finance and Research Support Team (FiRST) has reassigned her to work in a different department beginning in 2023. She will be supporting Pharmacology, as well as continuing to support CFAC and many core facilities across campus.

Leah says in her letter to the team: “…It has been an absolute pleasure working with this team for the past several years! I have learned so much and will really miss working with you all. Even though I will be leaving, I am confident that you are in good hands! Larry II Adams, an accountant with FiRST, will be taking over my responsibilities as of January 17, 2023. We have been working together for the past couple of months and I know he will be a valuable asset to the team! “

Stay in touch with Leah Combs by connecting with her on Linked in or emailing her at UNC.

Leah Combs on Linked in

Leah Combs’ Email