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Kathryn Gunn phd Neher lab postdoc
Kathryn Gunn PhD
Title of meeting: Lipid Research Division Seminar Series
Host: American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Presentation title: The structure of helical lipoprotein lipase reveals an unexpected twist in lipase storage

Neher lab postdoc, Kathryn Gunn PhD, gave a talk for the Lipid Research Division of the ASBMB via zoom on January 27th. She presented her work on the structure of helical lipoprotein lipase and its relevance to lipase storage and lipid metabolism.

lipid research image from Kathryn Gunn

Watch recorded video presentation by Alexander Fischer, Harvard University and Kathryn Gunn, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  LRD Seminar Series “Lipoproteins and lipases” January 27, 2021 (56 minutes).