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Two members of the Kuhlman lab presented at this year’s virtual Winter RosettaCON which ran from March 15 to 18, 2021. RosettaCON is an international conference that connects Rosetta developers and users from around the world.

odessa goudy and andrew leaver fay

Odessa Goudy, a fourth-year graduate student, gave a talk, “Engineering a tumor-targeted immunotherapy: de novo designed autoinhibitory domains.” Andrew Leaver-Fay, an Assistant Professor in the department, presented a talk titled “On-the-fly rotamer energy calculation on the GPU.”

Additionally, three other members of the lab gave poster presentations at Winter RosettaCON: Aubrie Weyhmiller, Rodney Park, and Thanh Phan.

Kuhlman lab website.

Winter RosettaCON pict 1 Winter RosettaCON pict 2