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In August 2020, the Society for Black Biomedical Scientists (SSBS) was formed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

SSBS board image

Meet the executives for the SBBS executive board:

President Xavier Bonner
President Xavier Bonner (Swanstrom lab)
vice president Brea Hampton
Vice President Brea Hampton
Alexis Stutzman
Treasurer Alexis Stutzman (Dowen lab)
parlimentary Dre Dobson
Parliamentarian Dre’ Dobson

secretary LaKeya Hardy

logo for SBBS at UNC

Society for Black Biomedical Scientists A graduate student lead organization at UNC Chapel Hill dedicated to supporting the needs, aspirations, and success of Black biomedical scientists.  Follow on Twitter @SBBS_UNC

For more career cohorts please visit the TIBBS website.