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There is still time to join the spring 2020 BCBP Synergy groups starting back up in February and running through March.

In June 2019, our department launched BCBP Synergy to facilitate meetups and networking between members. Groups of 3-5 randomized individuals meet with different groups each month to foster personal and professional relationships, promote new scientific collaborations, expand awareness of opportunities, help spread great ideas, and increase cooperation among all BCBP members. BBSP Students, department members and our collaborators are welcome to see what BCBP Synergy is all about.

A few photos from our 2019 BCBP Synergy Meet-ups

Group of friends meeting for BCBP Synergy lunch August 2019

Get involved. To participate in BCBP Synergy, please contact the organizers, Adam Luthman ( and Beverly Errede (, to get started.

Read more on our Synergy Launch.