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Paloma Armendariz Ruiz, undergraduate student in Strahl lab and Chancellor’s Science Scholar in the Quantitative Biology program with a minor in Creative Writing was selected as a 2021 Goldwater Scholar.
paloma ruiz
Paloma Ruiz undergraduate researcher in Strahl lab.

Link to March 31, 2021 “Paloma Ruiz ’22 Wins Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship.”

Paloma Ruiz’s statement regarding this honor:

“It is an honor to have been selected as a Goldwater Scholar. I am excited to now be a part of a community that is dedicated to the advancement of STEM in all fields and look forward to interacting with Goldwater Scholars across the country. I am especially grateful for the Strahl lab in playing a major role in this award. I have been a member of the lab since 2019, and since then, under the mentorship of Dr. Strahl and Dr. Petell, I’ve developed so much as a researcher and as a student. My favorite part of the day is coming into the lab, and I look forward to continuing research in the Strahl lab throughout my senior year.”


Link to scholarship program: