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Congratulations to Erin Shanle, a postdoc in the Strahl Lab, on her review in Nature Methods.

Erin Shanle, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow Erin Shanle recently authored a review in Nature Methods. Her article entitled “Chromatin biochemistry enters the next generation of code ‘seq-ing’” was co-written by Drs. Scott Rothbart and Brian Strahl. The article describes how “Barcoded semisynthetic nucleosomes combined with massively parallel sequencing provide an innovative new platform for analyzing the histone-recognition and histone-modifying activities of chromatin-associated proteins.”

Erin Shanle completed her Ph.D in molecular and environmental toxicology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in August 2013 and is now a SPIRE postdoctoral fellow in the Strahl lab. She is originally from Springfield, Illinois and received bachelors degrees in Chemistry and plant biology from Southern Illinois University.

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