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Congratulations to Thomas Freeman on his new position as a lecturer with the UNC Chemistry Department

Thomas Freeman, PhD

Thomas Freeman, a former SPIRE (Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators and Researchers in Education) Scholar, recently left the Parise lab to join the Chemistry Department at Carolina as a lecturer. Dr. Freeman, a biochemist by training, earned his BS at Xavier University of Louisiana, and his PhD at Tulane University.

While in the Parise lab, he helped improve our understanding of how CIB1, a regulator of many cellular processes including adhesion, proliferation, and calcium signaling, interacts with integrin adhesion receptors. This work was published in Biochemistry (ACS). Additionally, he taught Biochemistry at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC for two semesters during his postdoctoral fellowship. There he used innovative teaching strategies to effectively teach students about thinking like a scientist while learning biochemistry. This teaching experience, and his enthusiasm to use innovative, evidence-based teaching strategies led to his new position in chemistry where he will employ such strategies to teach general chemistry this upcoming fall semester.