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120 applications were received in response to the first offering of the SOM Biomedical Research Core Voucher Program.
27 grants were awarded, engaging 19 different cores.

Congratulations to our faculty on the funding of their projects listed below at these Core facilities:

Jonathan Fay Research Assistant Professor UNC BCBP 2019
Jonathan Fay, PhD. Research Assistant Professor

Jonathan Fay, “Methods to enhance and expedite cryo-EM structure determination efforts.” Cryo_EM Core






Patricia Maness PhD
Patricia Maness PhD, Professor

Patricia Maness, “Cytoskeletal Interactions of Autism Risk Factor Ankyrin B.” Microscopy Services Lab / Structural Bioinformatics Core






photo of Brian D. Strahl, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Brian D. Strahl, PhD, Oliver Smithies investigator, Professor and Vice-Chair

Brian Strahl, “Dissecting the RNA Polymerase II Interactome Landscape During Transcription.” MH Proteomics Center Core






Qi Zhang, PhD
Qi Zhang, PhD, Associate Professor

Qi Zhang, “NMR analysis of Xrn1-resistant viral RNAs of mosquito-borne and tickborne flaviviruses.” Biomolecular NMR Core





See the complete listing of UNC-CH SOM Biomedical Research Core Voucher Program – FY20 Awarded Projects FY20 Awarded Projects.