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UNC Old Well with pink spring flowers UNC is the highest-rated university in the United States for coronavirus research, according to a recent ranking by Microsoft Academic.The rating, which is determined by salience and overall quality of research, is based on how often other researchers cited articles written by UNC faculty. Microsoft Academic, which is a public search engine for academic articles and journals, recently added a ranking for coronavirus research to its many other rankings for research like medicine, computer science, biology and more.

UNC is eighth overall on the list, the third highest U.S. institution behind the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. The university had the fourth most citations for coronavirus research and the sixth most publications.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many in the UNC research community have been working to study the new coronavirus. A new antiviral drug UNC researchers were involved in developing is headed to human trial stages with the goal of being used for COVID-19 treatment. A School of Medicine professor and director of the university’s microbiology labs also led development of a new test for the coronavirus implemented at the UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill.

The universities rated higher than UNC in the ranking are the University of Hong Kong and two universities in the Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Utrecht University.

To view the full rankings from Microsoft Academic, visit its web page.

News courtesy of of Chapelboro 97.9 The Hill.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and since, UNC-Chapel Hill researchers have published more peer-reviewed articles and have been cited more than any other academic institution in the United States.

Microsoft Academic extracts author affiliation information automatically from publications and their metadata. Authors’ affiliations are listed as they appeared at the time of publication. Authors who have had multiple affiliations may therefore have multiple profiles. Authors can consolidate their publications under one profile by using the claim feature. You can find the searchable data here.