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6 years ago

SEMINAR: David Giedroc, PhD (Indiana Univ.)

Seminar title: “Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Transition Metal Homeostasis.” First-row late d-block metals from Mn to Zn play distinct roles in cellular metabolism.  In bacterial pathogens, metalloregulation of transcription underscores physiological adaptation to host-mediated transition metal starvation and toxicity, required to maintain metal homeostasis. In zinc (Zn) homeostasis, for example, a pair of metal-sensing transcriptional …

6 years ago

SEMINAR: Research in Progress

 Nidhi Gera, PhD Research Assistant Professor Parise Lab Exploiting platelet lipid metabolism to prevent thrombosis Human platelets are essential mediators of both hemostasis and thrombosis. A comprehensive knowledge of the platelet proteome is necessary for understanding thrombotic mechanisms and discovering new antiplatelet therapies. Using a chemoproteomics approach, we identified a novel lipid deacetylase in platelets, arylacetamidedeacetylase-like …