Students presented their research on October 18 and November 1, 2018 at the Biochemistry and Biophysics Student Symposium.

“A more Grown Up Story on Lipase Maturation Factor 1 in ER Redox Homeostasis” Benjamin Roberts, Neher lab

“Thermostability and its role in Dengue and Zika Vaccine Antigen Design” Stephan Kudlacek, Kuhlman lab

“Dynamically Changing G9a Interactome and Its Role in Progression of Breast Cancer” Adil Muneer, Chen lab

“Regulation of PLC-gamma Isozymes” Edriz Siraliev-Perez, Sondek lab

“An Old Tail with New Tricks: Novel Roles for the basic patch of histone H4” Hasheem Meriesh, Strahl lab

“Pack it up, pack it in! Protein-Directed RNA Structural Changes Mediate RNA Segment Assembly in Rotaviruses” Aaztli Coria, Laederach lab

“Defining mutation-specific alterations at Q61 in KRAS” Mihn Huynh, Campbell lab

2018 UNC BCBP Student Symposium October 18 & November 1

photo of Graduate Students
Graduate Students