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UNC Chapel Hill department of Biochemistry and Biophysics gives out Staff Excellent Award every year. This award is given to a staff member who displays dedication, service and commitment to Biochemistry and Biophysics. On December 13, 2017 at the Carolina Club, this award was presented by Dr. Beverly Errede and Lynn Ray to staff in two categories: Administration and Research.

The Staff Excellent Award for Administration was presented to John Hutton, Post-Award Accounting Manager.

John has been with our department since 2010. He is an integral part of the accounting group within Biochemistry and Biophysics.  John is detailed oriented, works well with faculty, staff and students.  He is patient, provides expertise and training for accounting and purchasing to members of the department.  John provides daily fiscal management of grants, trust funds and recharge centers.   We are glad that John Hutton is a part of the Administrative Team.

photo of John Hutton, Post-Award Accounting Manager
John Hutton, Post-Award Accounting Manager

The Staff Excellent Award for Research was presented to Tina Leisner, Research Associate (Parise Lab).

Tina Leisner, Ph.D., has been a member of Parise lab since 1999. Before joining the to Biochemistry and Biophysics department, she and Parise lab were part of the Pharmacology Department. Her research is mainly focused on the study of CIB1 in cancer.  She is a cofounder of Reveris Therapeutics, LLC which focuses on developing small molecule inhibitors of CIB1 for the treatment of cancer.  Congratulations Tina for your contributions to the department.

photo of Tina Leisner PhD
Tina Leisner PhD

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