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Since she was 11 years old, Kristina Lollar had experienced migraines, yet it was not until the past year that it became more severe. This prompted Kristina to visit a neurologist who recommended they perform an updated MRI. When looking at the scans, they discovered a brain tumor wrapped around her brain stem.

As the search for a neurosurgeon to remove her tumor began, Kristina felt overwhelmed and afraid of finding the right person for the job. After speaking with several surgeons, Kristina’s mother continued to search and found Dr. Quinsey, who impressed both Kristina and her family with her surgical skills.

Kristina stated that from the moment she met Dr. Quinsey, she felt confident and comfortable around her. She said that Dr. Quinsey made her feel like more than just another patient. Kristina never felt rushed, always had her questions answered in-depth, and was checked on by Dr. Quinsey every single day. During her time in the hospital, she knew she could trust Dr. Quinsey. Dr. Quinsey’s demeanor made Kristina feel like they could talk about anything- from her worries about the procedure to her obsession with The Handmaid’s Tale series.

After Dr. Quinsey successfully removed Kristina’s brain tumor, Kristina’s headaches lessened. She has since reported that everyday gets a little bit better and that she no longer suffers from the severe migraines that afflicted her life for 30+ years. Moving forward, Kristina plans to get back to working in the hospital, working in her yard, and enjoying moments with her family without worrying about her headaches.

Overall, Kristina looks back at her experience with UNC Hospital with a feeling of happy satisfaction. Kristina found Dr. Quinsey and the neurosurgery department at UNC to be amazing and has plans to recommend the UNC hospital to her friends who have children with brain tumors.