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We are excited to announce a new pathway for Med-Peds residents: the Med-Peds Underserved Pathway!

There is a critical need for primary care physicians interested in rural and underserved care. UNC Health’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of North Carolinians and others whom we serve. The UNC Med-Peds Underserved pathway seeks to train physicians to fulfill this mission. The pathway enhances the educational experience for med-peds residents interested in rural and underserved care in the state through mentorship, clinical experience, research, and didactics.

Residents will receive a Distinction in Underserved Care at the completion of residency. We will start accepting applications in late 2023, with accepted applicants starting the pathway on June 24, 2024.


Participants are matched with a mentor, whom they will meet with quarterly. Mentors assist residents in preparing for and debriefing from experiences related to underserved medical care. This could include didactics, clinical experience, or scholarship.


Residents will partake in all rotations with their Med-Peds peers during their first year of training. This will allow them to obtain a foundation of knowledge in internal medicine and pediatrics, as well as to bond with their peers and develop a sense of community.

Residents can apply for the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Underserved Pathway in the Fall/Winter of their intern year. Upon acceptance, a resident’s elective rotations and special months will be tailored to allow greater exposure to underserved patient populations across North Carolina throughout years two, three, and four of residency. At least two special months and up to four may be used to gain exposure to medical care for underserved patient populations. A minimum of 8 weeks of elective time per year (4 on internal medicine and four on pediatrics) will be used for electives that provide greater training focused on underserved patient populations.

Since underserved care in our diverse state covers a broad spectrum, it is prudent to have the flexibility to tailor these experiences to the learner’s interests. Residents will receive a Distinction in Underserved Care at the completion of residency.


Participants will be expected to complete at least one scholarly project and a morning report related to their experience in the Pathway.


Accepted applicants must attend at least six events focused on underserved patient care annually.


Residents apply to the pathway in the late fall/ early winter of their intern year to facilitate second-year rotation scheduling. Application instructions and form can be found here. Applications are due December 8th at 5pm. Applicants will be notified of the acceptance decision by January 8th at 5pm.