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Med/Peds residents have a combined continuity clinic experience throughout the four years of training. Our combined clinic is located 4 miles from the hospital in a UNC med/peds practice, North Chatham Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

On average, residents spend about one afternoon a week in the continuity clinic. Residents develop their own panel of patients and follow these patients through their 4 years of residency. The patients are a diverse group and represent all ages from newborn to the elderly. Often residents will care for several generations of patients within one family. Patients have diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Patient encounters encompass all aspects of primary care including well child care and health care maintenance visits for adults, acute pediatric and adult sick visits, and follow-up visits for management of chronic medical problems for children and adults. Clinic preceptors are all med/peds trained primary care providers.

Our continuity clinic provides a “real-world” experience in an efficient practice model. The clinic experience allows residents to develop the skills necessary to be a well-trained primary care physician. The goal for the continuity clinic experience is to provide an outstanding ambulatory education for residents and exemplary care for the patients seen in the clinic.