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We offer a supportive and innovative curriculum that includes all of the basics, but also allows our residents to have autonomy over their own career paths, so they can do things like take on National Leadership positions, staff community clinics, or work in clinical settings abroad, depending on their goals. Check it out!

Sample Med-Peds Rotation Schedule

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While on Medicine months, Med-Peds residents attend Medicine conferences, and Pediatric conferences while on Peds. In addition, Med-Peds conferences include:

Pre-Clinic Conference

Prior to each clinic, there is a pre-clinic conference that focuses on ambulatory topics from the curriculum of internal medicine and pediatrics.

Monthly Med-Peds Meeting/Journal Club

Once a month Med-Peds faculty and residents join for lunch or an off site evening meeting. The meeting is a forum to discuss clinical topics that span across pediatrics and medicine. Alumni from our residency program are invited to attend. In addition to improving medical knowledge and critical appraisal skills, this activity provides for networking among residents, faculty and alumni.

Community Service Opportunities

Our residents are devoted to helping others and many residents volunteer outside of the hospital. At SHAC, a free student run clinic, residents supervise medical students and see patients of all ages. Other volunteer activities including staffing a free clinic in Durham, Habitat-for-Humanity, and Project Angel Tree during the winter holiday season.

As third years, our residents complete a month long rotation in our North Chatham Pediatrics and Internal Medicine clinic. During this month, our residents see their own patients and also explore community resources for their patients and participate in advocacy projects.

All of our residents can choose to do a month long advocacy rotation through our Pediatrics Department.