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The salary (click the + on the far right of the blue bar that says “Salaries” to view salary information) and overall benefit packages for residents in all specialties at the University of North Carolina are outlined on the site for Graduate Medical Education. In addition to these benefits, senior residents receive a book stipend, membership to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians, and a complimentary board review curriculum. When residents have presentations at regional and national conferences, the med/peds program will offer “travel aid” to help offset a portion of the cost of poster production, conference fees, travel expenses, and lodging.

Outside of financial support for academic activities, residents receive ample funds for meals while on call and have private call rooms. There are comfortable pediatric and internal medicine lounges with multiple computers connected to the hospital system. For most noon conferences, lunch is also provided by the departments. Yearly, residents have a retreat, usually in the mountains or at the beach that the departments not only sponsor, but also provide coverage for during this time.