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Congratulations to Pew-Thian Yap, Professor of Radiology on his latest Grant Award! Professor Yap received an estimated $1.8 million award from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) for his research titled, AI-Powered MRI Quality Control and Artifact Correction for Multi-Site Studies. We are so proud of Professor Yap and excited for him to pursue this project.


Grant #: 1R01EB035160-01

Project Period: 03/01/2024-02/29/2028

Estimated Award Amount: $1,870,690

Project Goals: This project will equip neuroscience researchers, radiologists, MRI technologists, and study coordinators with automatic, objective, fast, and accurate tools for image quality assessment so that timely decisions for re-scans can

be made to improve the likelihood of collecting usable structural MRI data of sufficient sample size for subsequent analyses. Our tools will allow (i) high-speed image quality assessment with high specificity and sensitivity, (ii) retrospective artifact correction without the need for modification of pulse sequences or mounting of motion markers,

and (iii) method generalizability and optimality for multiple sites, scanners, and imaging protocols without explicit data sharing. Successful completion of this project will allow image quality assurance to be done automatically in large-scale, multi-site, and longitudinal studies and increase the amount of usable data for improving statistical power.

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