Lynn Fordham, MD, was awarded a Society of Chairs of Academic Radiology Departments (SCARD) Travel Grant to attend the SCARD Leadership and Management Meeting in October 2018. Fordham is the Department’s Vice Chair of Diagnostic Services.

Louise Henderson, PhD, co-facilitated “Mammography, When to Start, How Often, When to Stop” with UNC Division of Oncology Assistant Dr. Katie Reeder-Hayes at UNC Department of Medicine’s November 2018 Grand Rounds.


Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)’s
104th Scientific Assembly & Annual Meeting

Lynn Fordham, MD, was appointed Committee Chair of the Pediatric Radiology Subcommittee of the Scientific Program (2019-2021)
R2 Dr. Sam Glaubiger
served as UNC’s RSNA Resident Representative at RSNA’s 2018 meeting.
R3 Drs. Israel Saramago and Ben Huang received a Certificate of Merit Award for their resident/faculty-mentored digital exhibit, “Eye Catching and Head Turning Devices: A Pictorial Review of Surgically Implanted Objects Encountered on Head Imaging.”

Abstracts/Posters & Exhibits/Discussions, Series & Invited Presentations

“Dose Optimization in the Interventional Suite” (Dixon RG)
Discussion: “Optimization and Technology in Interventional Radiology”

“Evaluation of Respiratory gated Stationary Digital Chest Tomosynthesis in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients” (Fordham LA, Gunnell  ET, Handly BD,  Inscoe CR, Lee YZ , Lu J, Puett C, Smith BD, Zhou,O)
Pediatric Series: Pediatric Chest/Cardiovascular Imaging

Pediatric Scrotal Sonography” (Fordham LA)
Pediatric Series: Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary

“Comparison of Stationary Digital Chest Tomosynthesis to Portable Chest Radiographs: A Patient Study” (Gunnell ET, Alton K, Inscoe C, Hoag BM, Sakthivel MK, Heath MD, Foos DH, Pamuklar E, Lu J, Zhou O, Wang X, Lee YZ).
Discussion: Physics (Diagnostic X-Ray)

“Radiogenomic Association Study Between PET/MR Imaging Features and Regional Histological and Gene Expression Status of Primary Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma.”
Authors: Hung, S-C, Yin Q,  Fielding JR, Khandani AH, Woods M, Milowsky M, Wallen E, Rathmell WK, Shen D, Lin W.

“Evaluating the Clinical Performance of Stationary 3D Mammography” (Puett C, Inscoe C, Jia B, Kim CE, Yoon SC, Walsh R, Kim SJ, Kuzmiak CM, Zeng D, Lu J,  Zhou O, Lee YZ).
Discussion: Breast Imaging (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Screening and Diagnostic Indications)

“TMIST (Tomosynthesis Mammography Screening Trial): Optimizing Recruiting and Workflow (Kuzmiak CM)

“Imaging Appearance of Cancer Subtypes” (Kuzmiak CM)
Discussion: Radiologist’s Value in the Multidisciplinary Team

Breast Care for ‘Challenging’ Populations” (Kuzmiak CM)
Interactive Session: Case-based Review of Breast

“Fluorine-19 MRI Ventilation Defect Analysis in Cystic Fibrosis” (Glass T, Goralski J, Akinnagbe-Zusterzeel EO, Donaldson S, Shams R, Lee YZ,  Ceppe A)
Discussion: Chest (Functional Lung Imaging/Dual-Energy CT/Radiation Dose Reduction)

“The 123’s of Breast Cancer Staging” (Patel TV*, Vogel M, Lee SS, Jordan SG)
Discussion: Breast

“Integrating U-Net and Dilated Dense Network for Infant Hippocampus Subfield Segmentation.”
Authors: Zhu H, Wang L, Hung, S-C, Chen M-H, Lin W, Shen D, UNC/UMN BCP Consortium.

“Keeping Clean in the Reading Room: An Initiative to Improve Work Station Hygiene” (Poster)
(Vakharia AV, Lee ER, McGinty KA, Campbell J*)
Discussion: “Clean Reading Room Initiative: Impact of Various Interventional Processes”

“Artificial Intelligence for the Average Intelligence” (Authors: Wong R*, Ashley B)
Discussion: Informatics

“Age Prediction Using Resting-State Functional Connectivity Characteristics in Typically Developing Infants” (Zhang H, Lin W, Shen D)
Discussion: Pediatric

“Treatment-Naïve First Episode Depression Diagnosis Based on Brain Functional Network” (Zheng, Y, Chen X, Li D, Liu, Y., Liang Y, Qin C, Zeng H., Chen J, Liu J., Zhang H., Qiu S, Shen D)
Discussion: Neurology

“Evolution of Brain Dynamics in the First Two Years of Life” (Zhang H)

“Development- and State-Related Gradients in Infant Brain Functional Connectome” (Zhang H)

“Development and State-Related Gradients in Infant Brain Functional Connectome” (Zhang H, Yin W, Shen D, Lin W)
Discussion: Age Prediction Using Resting-State Functional Connectivity Characteristics in Typically Developing Infants

“Radiologist’s Value in the Multidisciplinary Team” – Cherie Kuzmiak, DO

“Pediatric Series: Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary” – Lynn Fordham, MD

* Presenter