Primary Faculty

Eva Anton, PhDEva Anton, PhD

molecular analysis of neuronal migration and layer formation in cerebral cortex

William Arendshorst, PhDWilliam Arendshorst, PhD

hormone/paracrine/autocrine regulation of the renal microcirculation, calcium signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells, pathophysiology of hypertension

bear_smJames Bear, PhD

molecule-based and unbiased genetic/proteomic approaches to understanding cell migration and other aspects of actin-based motility

brenman_smJay Brenman, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies
genetic models and signaling relevant to metabolic disease and type 2 diabetes

brennwald_smPatrick Brennwald, PhD

cell polarity and vesicle transport in eukaryotic cells
BressanMichael Bressan, PhD

cardiovascular development, morphogenesis, and organogenesis
burridge_sm_newKeith Burridge, PhD

 signaling that occurs downstream from integrin-mediated focal adhesions and cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesions; understanding Rho family GTPases; mechanotransduction; leukocyte transendothelial migration

caron_sm_14Kathleen Caron, PhD

Department Chair

genetically engineered animal models in study of human disease

cheney_smRichard Cheney, PhD

motor proteins, cytoskeleton, and cell motility

costello_smM. Joseph Costello, PhD

intercellular junctions between fibers in normal and cataractous lenses using light and electron microscopy


cyr_smDouglas Cyr, PhD

chaperone assisted protein folding and degradation in eukaryotic cells; defective protein folding in cystic fibrosis and neurodegeneration


deshmukh_smMohanish Deshmukh, PhD

regulation of cell survival and death with a focus on apoptosis pathways in neurons, stem cells and cancer

dudley_sm_newAndrew Dudley, PhD

tumor microenvironment, tumor angiogenesis, vascular stem cells

James FaberJames Faber, PhD

physiologic and genetic regulation of       collaterogenesis during development and in     ischemic disease; vascular growth and remodeling

Gilliland_smKurt Gilliland, PhD

the development of the human lens and the disease cataract

GiudiceJimena Giudice, PhD

Alternative splicing, trafficking, membrane, development, differentiation, transcription, muscle, RNA binding proteins 

goy_smMichael Goy, PhD

a novel endocrine peptide that coordinates electrolyte transport in the gut and the kidney; Feedback regulation by nitric oxide in a simple neuronal circuit

gupton_smStephanie Gupton, PhD

coordination and regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics and membrane trafficking that underlie cell shape change and cell motility during development and cancer metastasis

hammond_smScott Hammond, PhD

biochemical and biological pathways of non-coding RNAs

jacobson_smKenneth Jacobson, PhD

membrane dynamics: the study of lipid rafts in model and biomembranes using new biophysical techniques for light microscopy

lund_smP. Kay Lund, PhD

insulin, IGFs, obesity and gastrointestinal disease; normal and cancer associated intestinal stem cells; fibrosis in inflammatory bowel diseases; aging and stem cells

major_smBen Major, PhD

proteomic and functional genomic analysis of signal transduction.  Protein interaction networks, computational biology, mass spectrometry, WNT signaling, KEAP1-NRF2, lung cancer.

obrien_smDeborah O'Brien, PhD

sperm metabolism and motility, genetics of male infertility, structure-based drug design for male contraception

otey_smCarol Otey, PhD

cell motility in embryonic development, wound-healing and cancer metastasis

phanstiel_smDouglas Phanstiel, PhD

3D Chromatin Structure, Kinase Signaling, Cellular Differentiation, Software Development

philpot_smBen Philpot, PhD

Angelman syndrome; Rett syndrome; autism spectrum disorders; neurodevelopmental disorders; experience-dependent synaptic plasticity; restoration of plasticity in neurological disorders

randell_smScott Randell, PhD

airway epithelial biology—stem cells, host defense, and response to injury

reid_smLola Reid, PhD

growth and differentiation of stem cells

rustioni_smAldo Rustioni, MD

glutamate receptors and an understanding of how different subunits of the receptors may contribute to define the quality of somesthesic stimulus

smith_smSpencer Smith, PhD

neuroscience and neuroengineering

Natasha SniderNatasha Snider, PhD

biochemical basis of intermediate filament-associated diseases; liver disease mechanisms and drug targets

sulik_smKathleen Sulik, PhD

pathogenesis and mechanisms underlying birth defects induced by environmental and genetic factors

tarran_smRobert Tarran, PhD

signal transduction and the regulation of ion transport in airway epithelia

weiss_smEllen Weiss, PhD

visual signaling in the vertebrate retina; photoreceptor cells and mechanisms of light adaptation

Mark Zylka smMark Zylka, PhD

molecules and mechanisms for pain; Angelman Syndrome therapies