Required Courses

1. PHCO 643--Cell Structure, Signaling, and Growth Control I 
An interdisciplinary course that incorporates principles of cell biology, cell structure, and cell adhesion.

2. PHCO 740-744--Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling 
Multiple modules covering kinases and phosphorylation, receptors and G protein signaling, cell cycle control, signaling networks, and stem cells and development.  A minimum of 2 modules is required.


1. PHCO 722--Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. 
A fall semester interdisciplinary course that incorporates principles of pharmacology

2. PHCO 723--Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. 
A sping semester interdisciplinary course that incorporates principles of pharmacology


3. PHCO 701—Introduction to Molecular Pharmacology.
A one semester course on general principles of pharmacology

4. PHCO 702—Principles of Pharmacology and Physiology.
A one semester course that focuses on advanced pharmacological and physiological principles of drug action. (Not required for MSTP students)

5. PHCO 730—Seminar in Pharmacology.
A presentation-based course geared towards techniques and critical evaluation of the literature.

6. PHCO 732Grant Writing Workshop.
A 4-week course designed to help students develop their grant writing skills and prepare for their qualifying exams.

7. Electives—Students are strongly encouraged to round out their scientific knowledge by taking one or more graduate-level elective courses. Examples include courses focused on Signal Transduction, Drug Discovery, Small GTPases, Bioinformatics and Protein Kinases, as well as seminar-type courses offered by other departments.