Fall 2019

Please email arnoldn@email.unc.edu to register for all PHCO courses.

PHCO 701 – Introduction to Molecular Pharmacology*

(3 cr. hr)
M/W/F @ 9:05 – 9:50 am (Full semester course)
4007 Genetic Medicine Building
Course Director: Dr. Terry Kenakin
Course Outline

PHCO 732 – Fellowship/Grant Writing 

(2 cr. hr)
**Starts September 11, will meet on Wednesdays @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
**Starting on October 23, will meet on Thursdays @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
4007 Genetic Medicine Building
Course Director: Dr. Adrienne Cox
Course Outline

PHCO 737 – Target-based Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development

(2 cr. hr)
**Must have permission of Dr. Cox to register
**Starts September 6
Friday  @  10:00 – 11:50 am
Location: Varies by date, please see below:

Date Location
9/06 Marsico 2004
9/13 LCCC 12-001
9/20 Marsico 2004
9/27 Marsico 2004
10/04 Marsico 2004
10/11 LCCC 12-001
10/18 Marsico 2004
10/25 Marsico 2004
11/01 Marsico 2004
11/08 LCCC 12-001
11/15 Marsico 2004
11/22 Marsico 2004
12/06 MEJ 3104
12/13 LCCC 12-001
Course Instructors: Dr. Adrienne Cox and Dr. Channing Der

Course Description:
The number of signal transduction-targeted anticancer drugs entering the clinic has increased dramatically in recent years, with many more in the pipeline. This course covers the process and complexity of targeted drug development for cancer treatment. It includes lectures, student-led discussions of relevant papers selected by faculty, and a team-based semester-long project in which students will select a real target and then develop mock data in support of a mock drug directed against that target. Teams will make presentations to convince “venture capitalists” (i.e., lead instructors) that they have identified viable candidates for support as targeted anti-cancer drugs of the future. Mock investments, real grades and prizes will be awarded. Several teams from previous classes developed mock drugs that had high degrees of similarity to eventual real drugs.

Topics include:

  • Conventional cancer chemotherapy
  • Target identification and validation
  • Identification of hits – high-throughput screening, rational drug design, lead identification
  • Lead compound evaluation – in vitro to cell-based assays
  • Lead compound evaluation – preclinical animal studies
  • Clinical trials – design and implementation
  • Roles of academia, industry, and government
  • State of the art – what is in the pipeline?

The course is directed by Drs. Adrienne Cox and Channing Der. They have served as consultants for the drug discovery programs of numerous pharmaceutical companies, and target-based drug discovery is an essential and significant component of their research programs. Their research has been funded in part by a National Cooperative Drug Discovery Grant from the NIH.


***Email arnoldn@email.unc.edu to register for all PHCO courses. Meeting times may change to accommodate schedules. Tuesdays, PHCO Dept Seminars, 4 p.m

Tuesdays, PHCO Dept Seminars, 4 p.m

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