PHCO 701—Introduction to Molecular Pharmacology.
A one-semester course on general principles of pharmacology

PHCO 702—Principles of Pharmacology and Physiology.
A one semester course that focuses on advanced pharmacological and physiological principles of drug action. (Not required for MSTP students)

BBSP 710—Statistics for Lab Scientists
Students with demonstrated knowledge and expertise in Biostatistics can opt out of this requirement.

PHCO 730—Recent Advances in Pharmacology.
A presentation-based course geared towards techniques and critical evaluation of the literature. Each student will present once during the semester

PHCO 732—Grant Writing Workshop.
A one-semester course designed to help students develop their grant writing skills and prepare for their qualifying exams.

2 Electives (Elective courses must be ≥2 credit hours each)-Any graduate-level elective course in any discipline or scientific area will satisfy this requirement.

Examples of elective courses (not comprehensive):

PHCO 740-745-Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling
Multiple modules covering kinases and phosphorylation, receptors and G protein signaling, cell cycle control, signaling networks, and stem cells and development. (Note: each module is one credit hour; therefore, students would need to take two modules to satisfy one of the elective requirements)

NBIO 722/723-Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology.
A two semester interdisciplinary course that incorporates principles of pharmacology. (Note: students taking this course will fulfill both elective requirements)

GNET 631 (F) and/or GNET 632 (S)-Advanced Molecular Biology

PATH 713 (F) and/or PATH 715 (S)-Molecular and Cellular Pathophysiological Basis of Disease

CBPH 850 (F) / 851 (S)-Advanced cell biology

CBPH 852 (F) / 853 (S)-Experimental Physiology of Human Health and Disease