North Carolina Biotechnology Center Partners with the Department of Pharmacology for NCBiotech Jobs Network

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center has partnered with the Department of Pharmacology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to provide professional training for pharmacology students who are interested in pursuing careers in biotechnology. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBiotech) has supported economic development in the biotechnology sector in North Carolina since 1984. Their mission is to provide long-term economic and societal benefits to North Carolina through support of biotechnology research, business, education and strategic policy statewide.

It’s mission fits squarely with the National Institute of General Medical Sciences’ (NIGMS) new initiative to provide career advising and training for students seeking non-academic careers. NCBiotech provides several resources for North Carolina students and residents seeking employment in the biotechnology sector. They fully support the goals of the Pharmacology graduate program to provide students with the skills needed for modern biomedical research. Additionally, they are uniquely positioned to help our students identify the transferable skills they will need if they choose to transition from academia to industry. NCBiotech is confident their experience with the biotechnology industry in North Carolina will help our students become very competitive for jobs in the private sector.

NCBiotech is providing career advice and training to our students by hosting lunchtime events that are in collaboration with the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Training Program (BCB) run by Dr. Tim Elston, a professor in the Department of Pharmacology.

  1. NCBiotech Jobs Network Lunch: Once per semester, students in the Department of Pharmacology will be invited to a special meeting with an invited speaker in coordination with the NCBiotech Jobs Network (see below). Over lunch the speaker will provide a brief presentation relevant to alternative careers in science followed by informal Q&A. Presentation topics may include but not be limited to: the importance of a resume instead of a CV for industry jobs, effective speed networking, LinkedIn and other social media, and the use of personal branding. Following the small group interaction with the speaker, students will listen to the formal Jobs Network program in a separate conference room. To enhance the experience, NCBiotech staff will provide commentary and coach students during the presentation.
  2. Industry Representative Lunch: Each semester NCBiotech will invite industry employees from the drug discovery sector for guided discussions about breaking into the industry. Topics for discussion will include the academic/industry skills gap and how to manage it. Additionally, these meetings will provide trainees with an opportunity to build their network in the sector.

NCBiotech Jobs Network: Since May 2012, NCBiotech Jobs Network events have supported the efforts of biotech and life science professionals seeking employment opportunities. The network provides a forum for information exchange and effective networking. At each event an invited speaker provides content surrounding the job search. Previous speakers have discussed resume standards for the Applicant Tracking System, LinkedIn and other social media, and online resources to support a job search. They have hosted panel discussions on alternative careers, and working with a recruiter. For a more extensive list of previous topics, see their Archives page.