The area surrounding UNC-Chapel Hill provides many options for housing. One popular option is to live in an apartment complex; these complexes are relatively affordable, on Bus lines, and often within biking distance. Follow this link to open a pdf with a map of Chapel Hill showing the location of 19 apartment complexes (the ones on the map have been “vetted” by our graduate students to make sure they are decent options and don’t have any huge problems or issues). On the second page is a list of those apartments along with price range, bus routes, and phone numbers; some of the listings have links to their web site

The Daily Tar Heel has an apartment search site, which lists Chapel Hill area apartment complexes by distance from the Pit at UNC, monthly rental rates, #of bedrooms/baths and also includes square footage.

Another option is to find private rental housing. For these opportunities, you will need to look online or in the Chapel Hill News classified section. You can also go online to find roommates. Graduate students who are already on campus are a wealth of information, and can direct you to the best places. If you met someone but don’t have their email address, you can search the UNC Directory or look under Graduate Students on this site.

pdf map of Chapel Hill with apartment complexes