Pain Management Division

The Pain Management Division includes the following faculty members:  William Blau, MD, PhD;  Amy Goetzinger, PhD; Dominika James, MD,  Manoj Wunnava, MD, Justin Rountree, MD and Brooke Chidgey, MD.

The division provides comprehensive care for both acute and chronic pain syndromes.

The Acute Pain Service provides daily management of patients with postoperative, and other types of acute pain requiring specialized interventions which include epidural analgesia, regional anesthetic techniques such as continuous peripheral nerve catheters, or complex pharmacological management. The service does not provide routine management for patients on IV-PCA postoperatively, but does so when consulted by the primary service.

The Chronic Pain Service provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary patient care at the University of North Carolina Pain Management Center. Our hospital-based outpatient clinics provide a multidisciplinary approach for the management of chronic and cancer pain. We draw upon the expertise of our faculty as well as consultants from dentistry, psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, rheumatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and other specialists. Our dedicated facilities include specialized procedure rooms with state of the art monitoring, interview rooms, C-arm fluoroscopy, quantitative sensory testing (current perception threshold), and psychologists on-site.

In addition, the chronic pain staff provides consultations for complex inpatient pain management problems, and daily rounds are performed to facilitate the care of these patients.

William S. Blau, MD, PhD, Professor of Anesthesiology; Areas of Special Interest:  Spine pain diagnostics and therapeutics; acute, chronic, and cancer pain; clinical use of chronic opioid therapy; interventional pain therapy; preventive analgesia.

Amy M. Goetzinger, PhD,Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Brooke Chidgey, MD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology; Areas of Special Interest: Interventional techniques for management of chronic pain, neuromodulation therapies, perioperative pain management, multimodal techniques for management of chronic pain.

Manoj Bobby Subbarao Wunnava, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Interim Director Pain Medicine Division, Director, Pain Fellowship Training Program Areas of Special Interest:  Neuromodulation therapies; perioperative pain management; treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; management of axial pain; interventional therapies for management of headache, intrathecal therapy for management of cancer pain.


Annually we hold a Pain, Addiction and the Law conference, a program that will address issues facing the medical staff treating the chronic pain patient.

Target Audience

Physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, hospital and community nurses, medical students, other health care providers and lay persons involved in managing acute or chronic pain in the clinic, labor and delivery suites, and operating room, as well as in community health settings.


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