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Please consider submitting a medical or biomedical education abstract to be presented in poster format at the Evening of Scholarship. The abstract could be based on a project you may have already presented or are preparing for use in any other educational venue. Poster abstracts are due by March 25th, 2024, using the form below. 

Abstract Submission Format

Abstract submissions are limited to 600 words not including title, author, institutional affiliations, and references.

The proposal must include the following:

  • Title: Provide an informative poster title
  • Author: Authors and institutions
  • Purpose: What problem or issues have you identified and addressed?
  • Approach/Methods: What did you do?
  • Results/Outcomes: What did you find?
  • Discussion: What did you discover as a result of your effort?
  • Significance: What implications do these lessons hold for now or the future?
  • References: Limit to 5


Abstract Review Criteria Criterion Description
Topic of Importance Topic is relevant and timely
Approach The authors effectively explain an approach that solves the problem identified
Interpretation Results or outcomes are presented in a clear manner; for research highlights, discussion is grounded in the literature
Significance The authors provide evidence that the findings have implications for now or the future


  1. Submit abstracts using the form below. Please send submissions by March 25th, 2024.
  2. Wait to hear from us – we will announce accepted abstracts on April 25th, 2024. We will have poster boards ready in the meeting space. If possible, your poster should be no more than 48″ wide by 36″ tall – unfortunately, we cannot accommodate larger posters.
  3. On the day itself, May 16thplease arrange to put your poster up between 5:00 and 5:15 pm. The poster session will start at 5:15 pm. If you can’t get there early, let us know, get the poster to us, and we will be happy to put it up for you. Please plan to stand by your poster during the reception hour on the day of the event.