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Congratulations and welcome to the 2021 – 2022 AOE FLAGship cohort (formerly Mentored Members)!

List updated 7-20-2021 to include both faculty and fellow members.

If you are interested in mentoring one of the individuals below, please contact Christina Shenvi ( [Faculty Lead] or Koyal Jain ( [Fellows Lead]. If you have ideas for this year’s journal club content, please contact Neil Shah ( For all other questions, please contact


Rana Alkhaldi (Family Medicine) ⚐

Claire Atkinson (Allergy & Immunology) ⚐

Annika Barnett (Anesthesiology)

SmeetBhimani (Emergency Medicine) ⚐

Victoria Boggiano (Family Medicine) ⚐

Thomas (Cary) Cameron (Endocrinology) ⚐

Patrick  Campbell (Medicine, Gastroenterology) ⚐

George Dignan (Anesthesiology)

Rongrong Fan (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

LeeAnne Flygt (Pediatrics) ⚐

Sydney Greenberg (Gastroenterology) ⚐

Brianna Harder (Geriatric Medicine) ⚐

Kelly Hathorn (Medicine, Gasteroenterology) ⚐

Max Hockenbury (Geriatric Medicine) ⚐

Katherine Jordan (Pediatrics)

Louise King (Medicine)

Elizabeth Kotzen (Nephrology) ⚐

Divyesh Mehta (Pulmonary/Critical Care) ⚐

Carolina Mendoza (Emergency Medicine) ⚐

Meredith Newton (Obstetrics and Gynecology) ⚐

Hitesh Patel (Pulmonary) ⚐

Laura Rachal (Pediatrics and Medicine) ⚐

Tamara Saint-Surin (Medicine)

Gargi Sharma Priamvada (Nephrology) ⚐

Jonathan Sorah (Hematology/Oncology) ⚐

Lacey Straube (Anesthesiology)

Asha Talati (Obstetrics and Gynecology) ⚐

Raj Telhan (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Robb Wasserman (Anesthesiology)

Nate Wooten (Neurology) ⚐

Shiva Zargham (Pediatrics)

Matt Zeitler (Family Medicine)

Paul Zimmerman (Medicine)


⚐ Fellow