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Congratulations to all the recipients of the 2021-2022 Science Mentoring Awards from the Office of Graduate Education (OGE). Especially to these three members of BCBP dept & labs: Odessa Goudy in Kuhlman lab, and Nicole Arruda and Audra Bryan Ph.D. in Jill Dowen lab!

Mentorship is a key component of academic science, and it comes in many forms. In addition to “official” mentors, we receive mentorship from peers, labmates, course instructors, dissertation committee members, and so many others. To honor mentorship in our community at UNC, this year’s mentoring awards were open to all nominees – faculty, grad students, postdocs, staff, postbacs, and anyone else.

Graduate Student & Alum Awards

Mentoring During COVID

Odessa Goudy

Graduate Student, Lab of Brian Kuhlman, Biochemistry & Biophysics


“Even though she wasn’t my peer mentor, she still occasionally reached out to me via email during my first year to check in with how rotations and classes were going… I really enjoyed receiving these ‘check-in’ emails from her because my first year was very tough due to the pandemic. It was nice to have someone check in on me completely unprompted.”

General Mentoring

Nicole Arruda

Graduate Student, Lab of Jill Dowen, Genetics & Molecular Biology



“Nicole’s efforts really set the tone of the lab from always having a positive attitude, working hard, demonstrating best practices at the bench and in meetings, and making real connections with every individual. This creates a welcoming and inclusive environment in the lab for everyone.”

Postdoc Award – General Mentoring

Audra Bryan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Lab of Jill Dowen, Biochemistry & Biophysics



“She was always happy and willing to help me through misunderstandings and tough experimental scenarios.”

“She knew when it was better to offer more hands-on help, and when it was better for me to work something out on my own.”

2021-2022 Science Mentoring Awards

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