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Alumni updates for November 6, 2019



Onur Dagliyan (2016) is a Scientist (Research Fellow) at Harvard Medical School, currently researching how sensory experience affects neuronal circuits at the molecular and cellular level.


Andrew Hemmert_alumni


Andrew Clinton Hemert (2010) works for BioFire Diagnostics as the Director of Biochemistry Research and Innovation.



Reed Jacob (2017 PhD from N. Dokholyan lab alumni a 2019 photo

Reed Jacob (2017, Dokholyan lab) accepted a position earlier this month, as a Computational Biochemist at UPL. Dr. Jacobs is responsible for adding computational research capabilities to their New AgTech division.


Deepak Jha_alumni

Deepak Jha (2014) is a postdoc with Prof. George Daley, who is the current Dean of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. See Deepak’s latest publications here.


Lydia Morrison_07

Lydia Ann Morrison (2007) currently manages social media for New England Biolabs. She also hosts a science-focused podcast called “Lessons from Lab and Life”, and oversees, a blog devoted to green practices in the laboratory.



Ramachandran lab

Srinivas Ramachandran (2011) currently is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. He started his own lab in January 2018 and in August his lab their first big grant – MIRA from NIGMS. Title of the grant: “MAINTENANCE OF CELLULAR MEMORY THROUGH REPLICATION”


Shantanu_Sharma alumni


Shantanu Sharma (2009) is the Founder and CEO at is building out Stem Lending, a data-driven mortgage shopping startup.



Benfeard Williams (2017) completed a fellowship in the Technology Transfer Center at NCI. He also passed the patent exam to become a registered patent agent and then worked at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati as a patent agent where he focused on cancer immunotherapies and medical devices. Benfeard then returned to NCI as a technology transfer manager where he currently works on patents, licensing inventions, and research agreements for labs at NCI, the NIH Clinical Center, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.