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Carter lab research was highlighted on May 7, 2024, in a Vineyard Books: A Blog on History and Science article entitled “Adam and Eve Existed: They Created the Genetic Code” written by Jordi Xiol and edited by Daniel Holoch examines the origin of life and the molecular Adam and Eve (the proteins responsible for creating the genetic code).

About the author

Jordi Xiol, Ph.D. ia an RNA biologist and Biotech VC.
He did his master’s training in Lluis Ribas de Pouplana’s lab, then completed a PhD at EMBL in the field of RNA biogenesis, and did his postdoc at Harvard.

Carter lab through the years

seven Carter lab standing in flannel shirts and comfortable clothes standing on a stairway with Dr. Charlie Carterfour members of the Charlie Carter Lab in May 2024 standing in the lab with lab coats on smiling with Dr. Carter

Charles Carter PhD Research: Protein crystallography, structural polymorphism and function

Recent research funding:

Sloan 2022
Carter Awarded $1.5 Million for Origin of Life Research

Keck 2021
Carolina Scientists Earn Prestigious Keck Award