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Najla Ward-ConyersNajla Ward-Conyers is a Chancellor’s Science Scholar (CSS) and is majoring in biology with a double-minor in chemistry and medical anthropology. Najla is currently doing research in the Neher Lab under Saskia Neher, Asociate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Neher lab is investigating the mechanisms that Escherichia coli (E. coli) has developed to fight reactive chlorine species. Najla’s current project is looking at the Rcl gene operon containing RclA, RclB, and RclC because this operon plays an important role in E. coli surviving reactive chlorine species treatment. She will be determining if RclC directly contributes to the reduction of metronidazole, a common treatment for H. pylori infection, or if a combination of the RclA-C proteins is needed.

 Najla Ward-Conyers undergraduate student in the lab with a pippette  Najla Ward-Conyers undergraduate student in the lab with a petri dish

Najla Ward-Conyers was featured on the CSS website for University Research Week on October 22, 2020. Please read her interview at the link below.


Najla Ward-Conyers undergrad holding items in a labWe applaud her ability to balance classes, lab, and dozens of bacterial plates at once.