11th Biennial North Carolina Biophysics Symposium brought together North Carolina Biophysicists

dining hall at Carolina Inn

Sessions focused on RNA Structure and Dynamics, Cellular Microenvironments, Protein Engineering and Design, and Blood Coagulation.

UNC scientists solve 3-D structure of CF protein in active, inactive states

3-D structure of CF protein in active, inactive states

In the Riordan lab, postdoctoral fellow Jonathan Fay, PhD, led experiments using single-particle cryoEM to discover…

Nobel Laureate: Aziz Sancar, M.D., Ph.D. featured in Carolina Stories

photo of Oliver Smithies and Aziz Sancar

The prize honors Sancar’s work mapping the cellular mechanisms that underlie DNA repair, which occurs every minute due to environmental factors. He credited his success to his many collaborators, and to UNC’s supportive environment.

Insights about prostate cancer resistance could lead to treatment strategies

photo of image2 2018 H. Shelton Earp, MD, and G. Greg Wang, PhD,

In the journal Molecular Cell, researchers led by G. Greg Wang, PhD, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, and H. Shelton Earp, MD, describe the role of a protein variant called androgen receptor variant 7 (AR-V7), which is an alternative form of the androgen receptor that plays a key role in prostate cancer development and treatment.

Epigenetics: Brian Strahl, Ph.D., Faculty Spotlight

Strahl lab has been at the forefront of deciphering how our genetic information or the blue print of life – which exists in the form of DNA – is packaged into cells and how it becomes accessed and read for the process of gene expression.

Graduate students record Science Seminar Preview podcasts

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Fall 2018, second year graduate students: Cari Koerner … Continued

Aziz Sancar breaks ground for the Sancar Turkish Cultural and Community Center

Photo of 7 people Groundbreaking ceremony of the Sancar Turkish Cultural and Community Center located at 1609 East Franklin Street. Chapel Hill, NC. August 30, 2018. Turkish Ambassador to the United States, Serdar Kilic, and Chapel Hill Mayor, Pam Hemminger, in attendance. photo credit Jon Gardiner UNC Chapel Hill

University officials joined dignitaries from Turkey and Chapel Hill town representatives Aug. 30 to celebrate the groundbreaking for the Sancar Turkish Cultural and Community Center, named for Carolina’s Nobel Prize winner Aziz Sancar and his wife, Gwen.

New publication in Blood from Bergmeier Lab

Robert Lee PhD Wergmeier lab

Bergmeier Lab has a new publication in Blood: Functional redundancy between RAP1 isoforms in murine platelet production and function.

Limas named 2018-19 Gilliam Fellow by HHMI

Juanita Limas, graduate student in Jean Cook lab

Juanita Limas will receive $50,000 to support her biomedical research in the Cook lab.

Putting the Brakes on CRISPR by Nicholas Martinez

photo of Nicholas Martinez, graduate student

UNC Graduate student, Nicholas Martinez, contributor to The Pipettepen