November 7 — Dr. Jane Little, “Sickle Cell Disease in the Modern Era”

October 31 – Dr. Marc Humbert, “The Future of Pulmonary Hypertension Diagnosis and Treatment”

October 24 – Dr. Louis Bridges, “Big Data Approaches to Improving Our Understanding of Rheumatoid Arthritis”

October 17 – Dr. Jennifer McEntee and Dr. Andrew Lobonc, “Ketamine for Acute Pain: Fast Facts and the UNC Landscape”

October 10 – Dr. Carole Warnes, “Heart Disease and Pregnancy–What Practitioners Should Know” 

October 3 – Dr. Prabir Roy-Chaudhury “Patient-Centered Innovation in Kidney Disease: The Time is Now”

September 19 – Dr. Christopher Caulfield and Dr. Abhi Mehrotra “Care for Patients with Acute Chest Pain”

September 12 – Dr. Jonathan Oberlander “Beyond the ACA: Health Care Reform and the 2020 Elections”

Sept 5 – Dr. Ronald Falk “Finding Joy in Academic Medicine”

Jun 13 – Dr. Bharathi Zvara “Web-Based Tools to Address Complex Mental Health Problems”

Jun 6 – Dr. Arlene Chung “Web-Based Tools to Address Complex Mental Health Problems”

May 30 – Dr. Herman Pontzer “Healthy As a Hunter-Gatherer: Sorting Paleofact from Paleofiction in Modern Metabolic Medicine”

May 23 – Dr. Alan Hinderliter and Dr. Raven Voora, “Hypertension Guidelines: Are They Realistic?”

May 16 – Chief Residents’ Year in Review

May 9 – Dr. Sarah McGill “C. Diff. Now: Diagnosing, Treating and Repopulating the Gut with Fecal Transplant”

May 2 – Dr. Kathleen Caron “Lymphatic System in Health and Disease”

Apr 25 – Dr. Patrick Hu “Type 2 Diabetes: From C. elegans Genetics to Human Pathophysiology”

Apr 18 – Dr. Joshua Berkowitz “Exercise Is Medicine”

Apr 11 – Dr. Dan Jonas “Benefits and Harms of Aspirin for Primary Prevention of Vascular Events”

Apr 4 – Dr. Mirnela Byku, Dr. Brian Jensen and Dr. Rebecca Traub “TTR Amyloidosis — An Update”

Mar 28 – Dr. Felicia Cosman “Optimal Treatment Strategies for Patients at High Risk of Fracture”

Mar 21 – Dr. Jennifer Flythe “Healthcare Performance Measures: What Is a ‘Quality’ Measure?”

Mar 14 – Dr. Andrew Greganti “Lifelong Learning”

Mar 7 – Dr. Laura Young and Dr. Katrina Donahue “Glucose Monitoring in Type 2 Diabetes: 2019 and Beyond”

Feb 28 – Dr. Lisa Rose-Jones and Dr. James Ford “Pulmonary Hypertension: Definitions and Guidelines Update”

Feb 21 – Dr. Jennifer Maguire “Post-Intensive Care Unit Syndrome”

Feb 14 – Dr. Lindsay Wilson and Dr. Adrian Austin “Antipsychotics and Delirium Prevention”

Feb 7 – Dr. Donald Wesson “The Evolving Spectrum of Acid Stress and Its Contribution to Chronic Kidney Disease”

Jan 31 – no video recording at the request of the presenter

Jan 24 – Dr. Patricia Rivera and Dr. Jason Akulian “Empyema Thoracis: Diagnostic Challenges and New Insights into an Old Disease”

Jan 17 – Dr. Timothy Ives “Medical Uses of Cannabinoids”

Jan 10 – Cornelia Dean “Doctors and Patients: Ignorance, Irrationality and Risk”

Jan 3 – Dr. Hyman Muss “Personalizing Care for the Older Cancer Patient” 


Dec 13 – Dr. Sidney Smith “Key Messages from the 2018 Guidelines for the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol”

Dec 6 – Dr. Wesley Burks “Peanut Allergy: Why Are All These Families Going Nuts?”

Nov 29 – Dr. Katie Reeder-Hayes and Dr. Louise Henderson “Mammography: When to Start, How Often, When to Stop”

Nov 15 – Dr. Raj Kasthuri and Dr. Joseph Rossi “Catheter-Directed Therapies for Acute Pulmonary Embolism”

Nov 8 – Dr. Wesley Burks and Dr. Ron Falk, Department of Medicine Faculty Meeting (restricted to Onyen access)

Nov 1 – Dr. David Weber “Vaccines: New ACIP Recommendations and Rationale”

Oct 25 – Dr. Nicholas Shaheen “PPI Therapy: Is the Risk Worth the Benefit?”

Oct 18 – Dr. Patrick O’Hara “Infective Carditis”

Oct 11 – Dr. Gary Jay, “Minor Traumatic Brain Injury, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Post Traumatic Headaches”

Oct 4 – Dr. Katya Rubinow, “Can Sex Steroids Help Elucidate the Utility of HDL As an Index of Cardiovascular Risk?”

Sep 27 – Dr. Christine Sinsky, “Joy in Medicine”

Sep 20 – Dr. Ian Grimm and Dr. Todd Baron, “Recent Advances in Therapeutic Endoscopy”

Jun 14 – Dr. Ria Dancel, “POCUS: Power and Pitfalls”

Jun 7 – Dr. Richard Boucher, “Muco-Obstructive Lung Diseases: Mucus Concentration and Relationship to Bronchitis”

May 31 – Dr. Saira Sheikh, “BAFFling New Lupus Therapies – Looking to the Future After Decades of Failed Clinical Trials”

May 24 – Dr. Tony Mazzella, Dr. Rosanne Tiller, Dr. Alyssa Tilley and Dr. Russell Coletti, “Chief Resident Year in Review”

May 17 – Dr. Sascha Tuchman and Dr. Koyal Jain, “Amyloidosis, Cyanide, Myeloma and Ethanol: Conceptualizing Renal Diseases Caused by Monoclonal Gammopathies”

May 10 – Dr. Steven Russell, “The Bionic Pancreas”

May 3 – Dr. Mark Zeidel, “Salt and Water, Not So Simple”

Apr 26 – Dr. Paul Hayashi, “Pre- and Post-Liver Transplant Care for the Internist”

Apr 19 – Dr. Marschall Runge, “Man vs. Machine: The Optimal Combination to Improve Health Care Outcomes”

Apr 12 – Dr. Michael Craig and Dr. Eric Edwards, “Best of 2017: An Update in Hospital Medicine”

Apr 5 – Dr. Nigel Key, “Hemophilia, A 100-Year Story”

Mar 29 – Dr. James Evans, “Precision Medicine in the Clinic and in Public Health — A Genomic Perspective”

Mar 22 – Dr. Edwin Kim, “Drug Allergies Affecting the Care of Inpatients”

Mar 15 – Dr. Brad Drummond, “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease — Where We Are in 2018”

Mar 8 – Dr. Anne Peery, “Diverticulitis — A Medical Perspective”

Mar 1 – Dr. Ana Felix, “A Rational Approach to the Painful Back”

Feb 22 – Dr. Nancy Allbritton, “Organs-on-Chips”

Feb 15 – Dr. Lydia Chang and Dr. Arun Kannappan, “Sepsis Management: Beyond the Bundle”

Feb 8 – Dr. Matthew Cavender, “Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus”

Feb 1 – Dr. Eric Juengst and Dr. Greg Copenhaver, “The Biology and Ethics of CRISPR”

Jan 25 – Dr. Amy Shaheen, “Quality Improvement — Value of Learners in a Clinic Setting”

Jan 11 – Dr. Balfour Sartor and Dr. Edward Barnes, “Post-Operative Crohn’s Disease: Current and Future Management”


Note that recordings from 5/25/17 to 10/26/17 require external headphones or external speakers due to an audio issue.

Dec 14 – Dr. Rumey Ishizawar, “Autoimmunity Induced by Cancer Immunotherapy”

Dec 7 – Dr. Eric Klett, “Dietary Fat — Impact on the Development of Chronic Metabolic Diseases”

Nov 30 – Dr. William Powers and Dr. Joseph Rossi, “PFO Closure to Reduce Stroke Risk — How Compelling Is the Evidence?”

Nov 16 – Dr. Stacy Wood, “Medicine + Marketing: The New Role of Consumer Theory in Patient-Centric Care”

Nov 9 – Mr. Roy Williams, “Leadership”

Nov 2 – Dr. Maya Styner, “Is Fat in the Marrow Harmful to Bone Health?”

Oct 26 – Dr. David Rubinow, “Reproductive Mood Disorders: This Is Your Brain on Steroids”

Oct 19 – Dr. William Fischer and Dr. David Wohl, “Ebola and Lassa Fever: New Concepts of Epidemiology and Therapy”

Oct 12 – Dr. Steve Meshnick and Dr. Jonathan Juliano, “Evolving Concepts in Malaria Control and Treatment”

Oct 5 – Dr. Ann Bailey and Dr. Elizabeth Dreesen, “NPO Guidelines for Procedural Sedation: What Are They and Why Do We Have Them?”

Sep 28 – Dr. Sriram Machineni, “Obesity Management: Leveraging the Heterogeneity of Response”

Sep 21 – Dr. Kenneth Ataga, “Pharmacological Therapies for Sickle Cell Disease: Beyond Hydroxyurea”

Sep 14 – Dr. Valentin Fuster, “Importance of the Primordial Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases”

Jun 15 – Dr. Gary Winzelberg, “Medications for Dementia and Its Complications: Are We Treating Patients or Ourselves?”

Jun 8 – Dr. Darren DeWalt, “Healthcare Payment  and Changing Healthcare Delivery: What Is an Accountable Care Organization?”

Jun 1 – Dr. Maya Jerath, “Alpha-Gal Allergy Update”

May 25 – Drs. Emily Sturkie, Evan Shelby and Cole Sims, “Ambulatory Curriculum for Residents; Tracking Data on Daily Admitting and Regionalization”

May 18 – Dr. Christopher Sayed, “DRESS Syndrome and Related Drug-Induced Dermatitis”

May 11 – Drs. John Vavalle and Thomas Caranasos, “Leading the Charge: A New Era in the Treatment of Valvular Heart Disease”

May 4 – Dr. Lee Berkowitz, “Time and Hope”

Apr 27 – Dr. Matt Nielsen, “Prostate Cancer: What’s New in 2017?”

Apr 20 – Dr. Ned Sharpless, “The Surprising Relationship Between Cancer and Aging, and What This Means for an Internist”

Apr 13 – Dr. Ron Falk, “Perspective on Autoimmunity: A View from the ANCA Vasculitis Looking Glass”

Apr 6 – Drs. Emily Chang and Andrej Lyshchik, “Current and Emerging Applications for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound”

Mar 30 – no recording available

Mar 23 – Dr. Gerald Hladik, “The Diagnosis and Management of Hypernatremia”

Mar 16 – Dr. Evan Dellon, “Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases”

Mar 9 – Dr. Tina Schade Willis, “Code Sepsis: Current Evidence Based Guidelines and CMS Core Measure”

Mar 2 – Dr. Stephan Moll, “Thrombophilia Evaluation: Choosing Wisely”

Feb 23 – Dr. Anne Cappola, “Challenges in Thyroid Hormone Replacement”

Feb 16 – Drs. Timothy Ives and Maryam Jowza, “Opioid Use and Misuse”

Feb 9 – M&M, no recording available

Feb 2 – Dr. Balfour Sartor, “Intestinal Microbiota in Health and Inflammatory Diseases: The Basis for Improved Therapeutic Manipulation”

Jan 26 – Drs. David Weber and Sarah McGill, “Clostridium Difficile Infection”

Jan 19 – Dr. Marie Demay, “FGF23 in Normal Physiology and Disease”

Jan 12 – Dr. Melina Kibbe, “Sex Bias in Biomedical and Clinical Research”

Jan 5 – Drs. Raj Kasthuri and Jian Liu, “Heparins: Into the Second Century”


Dec 22 – Dr. Will Pendergraft, “These Are Your Kidneys on Lupus”

Dec 15 – no recording available

Dec 8 – Dr. Marco Patti, “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: From Heartburn to Lung Fibrosis and Beyond”

Dec 1 – Dr. Claire Doerschuk, “Pneumonia: Homeland Security in the Lungs!”

Nov 17 – Dr. Alan Hinderliter and Dr. Rick Stouffer, “Renal Denervation for the Treatment of Hypertension”

Nov 10 – M&M, no recording available

Nov 3 – Dr. Richard Light, “Pleural Disease Update: 2016”

Oct 27 – Dr. Brian Jensen, “Cardio-Oncology: What? Why? Who?”

Oct 20 – Dr. Roger Blumenthal, “The ABC’s of ASCVD Prevention”

Oct 13 – Dr. John Buse, “Type 2 Diabetes Care: Struggle, Progress and the Future”

Oct 6 – Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody and Dr. Amy Weil, “An Institutional Program to Increase Physician Engagement”

Sep 29 – Dr. Alex Duncan: “Inflammasomes in Infection and Inflammatory Disease: What Can Go Wrong with Host Defense”

Sep 22 – Dr. David J. Weber, Dr. Matthew Collins and Dr. Helen M. Lazear: “Zika Virus Infection”

Sep 15 – Dr. Gregg J. Silverman: “Rheumatoid Arthritis: From Genes to Joints”

Sep 8 – Dr. Christopher A. Klipstein: “On Lecturing: Tips on Delivering an Effective Lecture”

Jun 16 – Dr. Jonathan Juliano: “Illness in the Returning Traveler”

Jun 2 – Dr. Beth Jonas: “IgG4-Related Disease”

May 26 – Dr. Dirk Dittmer: “Global Oncology – Research and Implementation”

May 19 – Dr. Eugene Chung: “Sports Cardiology”

May 12 – Dr. Jan Busby-Whitehead: “Management of Urinary and Fecal Incontinence in the Elderly”

May 5 – Dr. Michael Pignone: “Colorectal Cancer Screening”

Apr 28 – Dr. Daniel Jonas: “Unhealthy Alcohol Use: Insights from Comparative Effectiveness Research”

Apr 21 – Dr. Stephan Moll: “Direct Oral Anticoagulants Update”

Apr 14 – Dr. Lisa Carey: “More or Less: Tailoring Breast Cancer Therapy”

Apr 7 –  Drs. Jonathan Serody & Pietro Dotti: “Immunotherapy & Cancer: Back to the Future” – Video not available

Mar 31 – Drs. Lisa Rose-Jones & Jimmy Ford: “New Treatments for Pulmonary Hypertension”

Mar 24 – Dr. Timothy Sadiq, “Modern Management of Colonic Diverticulitis”

Mar 17 – Dr. Jason Akulian: “The Use of Navigation Bronchoscopy in Lung Nodule Evaluation”

Mar 10 – Dr. Shannon Carson: “High Flow, BIPAP, or the Vent: Responding to Acute Respiratory Failure”

Mar 3 – Dr. Gerald Hladik: “Evaluation and Treatment of Hyponatremia”

Feb 25 – Dr. William Applegate: “Hypertension in the Elderly: From SHEP to SPRINT”

Feb 18 – Dr. Richard Loeser: “Osteoarthritis – Epidemiology, Pathogenesis & Therapeutic Alternatives”

Feb 4 – Drs. John Buse and Deborah Tate: “Obesity Management”

Jan 28 – Dr. Rick Stouffer: “In-Hospital STEMI”

Jan 21 – Dr. Sidney Smith: “Advances in the Treatment of Dyslipidemia: The New ACC/AHA Guidelines and PCSK9-Inhibition”

Jan 7 – Dr. Myron Cohen:  “Art Prevents HIV Transmission: What Happens Next”


Dec 17 – Dr. Sue Kirkman “Glycemic Goals in Diabetes”

Dec 3 – Paul Hayashi “Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Update on Clinical Management”

Nov 19 – Nicholas Shaheen “Misplaced Priorities and Barrett’s Esophagus”

Nov 12 – M&M – no recording

Nov 5 – lecture cancelled

Octo 29 – Dr. Paul Adams “Genetic Tales from Celtica – Diagnosis and Management of Hemochromatosis”

Oct 22 – Dr. Stephan Moll “DVT and PE Management Update”

Oct 15 – Dr. David Huang, “Endovascular Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke”

Oct 8 – M&M – no recording available

Oct 1 – Dr. Patricia Rivera, “Lung Cancer Screening”

Sep 24 – Dr. MIchael Gold, “Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death”

Sep 17 – Dr. Susan Mitchell, “Clinical Course of Advanced Dementia: Complications, Interventions and Decision-Making”

Sep 10 – Dr. Ron Falk, “What is the Purpose of a Department of Medicine?”


For questions or concerns about these videos, contact OIS Instructional Media Services.

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November 2019

Kathleen A. Cooney, MD, Duke University, “Genetic Susceptibility for Prostate Cancer”

November 14 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Room 4008 Old Clinic Auditorium Chapel Hill, NC United States

Kathleen A. Cooney, MD, is chair of the Duke Department of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Cooney specializes in the care of men with advanced prostate cancer, and is a physician scientist investigating the genetic epidemiology of prostate cancer. She earned her MD from the University of Pennsylvania, and trained in Internal Medicine and…

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Medicine Grand Rounds, M. Sue Kirkman, MD, “Prediabetes: What’s All the Fuss?

November 21 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Room 4008 Old Clinic Auditorium Chapel Hill, NC United States

M. Sue Kirkman, MD, is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of North Carolina and Medical Director of the UNC Diabetes Care Center’s Clinical Trials Unit. She is site principal investigator of several clinical trials including the NIDDK-funded GRADE study, for which she also serves as co-chair of…

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December 2019

Cardiovascular Grand Rounds: Dr. Eric Holland

December 2 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Presentation by UNC Cardiology fellow Dr. Eric Holland

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Cardiovascular Grand Rounds: Dr. Joshua Roark

December 16 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Presentation by UNC Cardiology fellow Dr. Joshua Roark

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February 2020

Cardiovascular Grand Rounds: Dr. Amir Aghajanian

February 3, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Presentation by UNC Cardiology fellow Dr. Amir Aghajanian

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