Jun 13 – Dr. Bharathi Zvara “Web-Based Tools to Address Complex Mental Health Problems”

Jun 6 – Dr. Arlene Chung “Web-Based Tools to Address Complex Mental Health Problems”

May 30 – Dr. Herman Pontzer “Healthy As a Hunter-Gatherer: Sorting Paleofact from Paleofiction in Modern Metabolic Medicine”

May 23 – Dr. Alan Hinderliter and Dr. Raven Voora, “Hypertension Guidelines: Are They Realistic?”

May 16 – Chief Residents’ Year in Review

May 9 – Dr. Sarah McGill “C. Diff. Now: Diagnosing, Treating and Repopulating the Gut with Fecal Transplant”

May 2 – Dr. Kathleen Caron “Lymphatic System in Health and Disease”

Apr 25 – Dr. Patrick Hu “Type 2 Diabetes: From C. elegans Genetics to Human Pathophysiology”

Apr 18 – Dr. Joshua Berkowitz “Exercise Is Medicine”

Apr 11 – Dr. Dan Jonas “Benefits and Harms of Aspirin for Primary Prevention of Vascular Events”

Apr 4 – Dr. Mirnela Byku, Dr. Brian Jensen and Dr. Rebecca Traub “TTR Amyloidosis — An Update”

Mar 28 – Dr. Felicia Cosman “Optimal Treatment Strategies for Patients at High Risk of Fracture”

Mar 21 – Dr. Jennifer Flythe “Healthcare Performance Measures: What Is a ‘Quality’ Measure?”

Mar 14 – Dr. Andrew Greganti “Lifelong Learning”

Mar 7 – Dr. Laura Young and Dr. Katrina Donahue “Glucose Monitoring in Type 2 Diabetes: 2019 and Beyond”

Feb 28 – Dr. Lisa Rose-Jones and Dr. James Ford “Pulmonary Hypertension: Definitions and Guidelines Update”

Feb 21 – Dr. Jennifer Maguire “Post-Intensive Care Unit Syndrome”

Feb 14 – Dr. Lindsay Wilson and Dr. Adrian Austin “Antipsychotics and Delirium Prevention”

Feb 7 – Dr. Donald Wesson “The Evolving Spectrum of Acid Stress and Its Contribution to Chronic Kidney Disease”

Jan 31 – no video recording at the request of the presenter

Jan 24 – Dr. Patricia Rivera and Dr. Jason Akulian “Empyema Thoracis: Diagnostic Challenges and New Insights into an Old Disease”

Jan 17 – Dr. Timothy Ives “Medical Uses of Cannabinoids”

Jan 10 – Cornelia Dean “Doctors and Patients: Ignorance, Irrationality and Risk”

Jan 3 – Dr. Hyman Muss “Personalizing Care for the Older Cancer Patient” 


Dec 13 – Dr. Sidney Smith “Key Messages from the 2018 Guidelines for the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol”

Dec 6 – Dr. Wesley Burks “Peanut Allergy: Why Are All These Families Going Nuts?”

Nov 29 – Dr. Katie Reeder-Hayes and Dr. Louise Henderson “Mammography: When to Start, How Often, When to Stop”

Nov 15 – Dr. Raj Kasthuri and Dr. Joseph Rossi “Catheter-Directed Therapies for Acute Pulmonary Embolism”

Nov 8 – Dr. Wesley Burks and Dr. Ron Falk, Department of Medicine Faculty Meeting (restricted to Onyen access)

Nov 1 – Dr. David Weber “Vaccines: New ACIP Recommendations and Rationale”

Oct 25 – Dr. Nicholas Shaheen “PPI Therapy: Is the Risk Worth the Benefit?”

Oct 18 – Dr. Patrick O’Hara “Infective Carditis”

Oct 11 – Dr. Gary Jay, “Minor Traumatic Brain Injury, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Post Traumatic Headaches”

Oct 4 – Dr. Katya Rubinow, “Can Sex Steroids Help Elucidate the Utility of HDL As an Index of Cardiovascular Risk?”

Sep 27 – Dr. Christine Sinsky, “Joy in Medicine”

Sep 20 – Dr. Ian Grimm and Dr. Todd Baron, “Recent Advances in Therapeutic Endoscopy”

Jun 14 – Dr. Ria Dancel, “POCUS: Power and Pitfalls”

Jun 7 – Dr. Richard Boucher, “Muco-Obstructive Lung Diseases: Mucus Concentration and Relationship to Bronchitis”

May 31 – Dr. Saira Sheikh, “BAFFling New Lupus Therapies – Looking to the Future After Decades of Failed Clinical Trials”

May 24 – Dr. Tony Mazzella, Dr. Rosanne Tiller, Dr. Alyssa Tilley and Dr. Russell Coletti, “Chief Resident Year in Review”

May 17 – Dr. Sascha Tuchman and Dr. Koyal Jain, “Amyloidosis, Cyanide, Myeloma and Ethanol: Conceptualizing Renal Diseases Caused by Monoclonal Gammopathies”

May 10 – Dr. Steven Russell, “The Bionic Pancreas”

May 3 – Dr. Mark Zeidel, “Salt and Water, Not So Simple”

Apr 26 – Dr. Paul Hayashi, “Pre- and Post-Liver Transplant Care for the Internist”

Apr 19 – Dr. Marschall Runge, “Man vs. Machine: The Optimal Combination to Improve Health Care Outcomes”

Apr 12 – Dr. Michael Craig and Dr. Eric Edwards, “Best of 2017: An Update in Hospital Medicine”

Apr 5 – Dr. Nigel Key, “Hemophilia, A 100-Year Story”

Mar 29 – Dr. James Evans, “Precision Medicine in the Clinic and in Public Health — A Genomic Perspective”

Mar 22 – Dr. Edwin Kim, “Drug Allergies Affecting the Care of Inpatients”

Mar 15 – Dr. Brad Drummond, “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease — Where We Are in 2018”

Mar 8 – Dr. Anne Peery, “Diverticulitis — A Medical Perspective”

Mar 1 – Dr. Ana Felix, “A Rational Approach to the Painful Back”

Feb 22 – Dr. Nancy Allbritton, “Organs-on-Chips”

Feb 15 – Dr. Lydia Chang and Dr. Arun Kannappan, “Sepsis Management: Beyond the Bundle”

Feb 8 – Dr. Matthew Cavender, “Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus”

Feb 1 – Dr. Eric Juengst and Dr. Greg Copenhaver, “The Biology and Ethics of CRISPR”

Jan 25 – Dr. Amy Shaheen, “Quality Improvement — Value of Learners in a Clinic Setting”

Jan 11 – Dr. Balfour Sartor and Dr. Edward Barnes, “Post-Operative Crohn’s Disease: Current and Future Management”


Note that recordings from 5/25/17 to 10/26/17 require external headphones or external speakers due to an audio issue.

Dec 14 – Dr. Rumey Ishizawar, “Autoimmunity Induced by Cancer Immunotherapy”

Dec 7 – Dr. Eric Klett, “Dietary Fat — Impact on the Development of Chronic Metabolic Diseases”

Nov 30 – Dr. William Powers and Dr. Joseph Rossi, “PFO Closure to Reduce Stroke Risk — How Compelling Is the Evidence?”

Nov 16 – Dr. Stacy Wood, “Medicine + Marketing: The New Role of Consumer Theory in Patient-Centric Care”

Nov 9 – Mr. Roy Williams, “Leadership”

Nov 2 – Dr. Maya Styner, “Is Fat in the Marrow Harmful to Bone Health?”

Oct 26 – Dr. David Rubinow, “Reproductive Mood Disorders: This Is Your Brain on Steroids”

Oct 19 – Dr. William Fischer and Dr. David Wohl, “Ebola and Lassa Fever: New Concepts of Epidemiology and Therapy”

Oct 12 – Dr. Steve Meshnick and Dr. Jonathan Juliano, “Evolving Concepts in Malaria Control and Treatment”

Oct 5 – Dr. Ann Bailey and Dr. Elizabeth Dreesen, “NPO Guidelines for Procedural Sedation: What Are They and Why Do We Have Them?”

Sep 28 – Dr. Sriram Machineni, “Obesity Management: Leveraging the Heterogeneity of Response”

Sep 21 – Dr. Kenneth Ataga, “Pharmacological Therapies for Sickle Cell Disease: Beyond Hydroxyurea”

Sep 14 – Dr. Valentin Fuster, “Importance of the Primordial Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases”

Jun 15 – Dr. Gary Winzelberg, “Medications for Dementia and Its Complications: Are We Treating Patients or Ourselves?”

Jun 8 – Dr. Darren DeWalt, “Healthcare Payment  and Changing Healthcare Delivery: What Is an Accountable Care Organization?”

Jun 1 – Dr. Maya Jerath, “Alpha-Gal Allergy Update”

May 25 – Drs. Emily Sturkie, Evan Shelby and Cole Sims, “Ambulatory Curriculum for Residents; Tracking Data on Daily Admitting and Regionalization”

May 18 – Dr. Christopher Sayed, “DRESS Syndrome and Related Drug-Induced Dermatitis”

May 11 – Drs. John Vavalle and Thomas Caranasos, “Leading the Charge: A New Era in the Treatment of Valvular Heart Disease”

May 4 – Dr. Lee Berkowitz, “Time and Hope”

Apr 27 – Dr. Matt Nielsen, “Prostate Cancer: What’s New in 2017?”

Apr 20 – Dr. Ned Sharpless, “The Surprising Relationship Between Cancer and Aging, and What This Means for an Internist”

Apr 13 – Dr. Ron Falk, “Perspective on Autoimmunity: A View from the ANCA Vasculitis Looking Glass”

Apr 6 – Drs. Emily Chang and Andrej Lyshchik, “Current and Emerging Applications for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound”

Mar 30 – no recording available

Mar 23 – Dr. Gerald Hladik, “The Diagnosis and Management of Hypernatremia”

Mar 16 – Dr. Evan Dellon, “Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases”

Mar 9 – Dr. Tina Schade Willis, “Code Sepsis: Current Evidence Based Guidelines and CMS Core Measure”

Mar 2 – Dr. Stephan Moll, “Thrombophilia Evaluation: Choosing Wisely”

Feb 23 – Dr. Anne Cappola, “Challenges in Thyroid Hormone Replacement”

Feb 16 – Drs. Timothy Ives and Maryam Jowza, “Opioid Use and Misuse”

Feb 9 – M&M, no recording available

Feb 2 – Dr. Balfour Sartor, “Intestinal Microbiota in Health and Inflammatory Diseases: The Basis for Improved Therapeutic Manipulation”

Jan 26 – Drs. David Weber and Sarah McGill, “Clostridium Difficile Infection”

Jan 19 – Dr. Marie Demay, “FGF23 in Normal Physiology and Disease”

Jan 12 – Dr. Melina Kibbe, “Sex Bias in Biomedical and Clinical Research”

Jan 5 – Drs. Raj Kasthuri and Jian Liu, “Heparins: Into the Second Century”


Dec 22 – Dr. Will Pendergraft, “These Are Your Kidneys on Lupus”

Dec 15 – no recording available

Dec 8 – Dr. Marco Patti, “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: From Heartburn to Lung Fibrosis and Beyond”

Dec 1 – Dr. Claire Doerschuk, “Pneumonia: Homeland Security in the Lungs!”

Nov 17 – Dr. Alan Hinderliter and Dr. Rick Stouffer, “Renal Denervation for the Treatment of Hypertension”

Nov 10 – M&M, no recording available

Nov 3 – Dr. Richard Light, “Pleural Disease Update: 2016”

Oct 27 – Dr. Brian Jensen, “Cardio-Oncology: What? Why? Who?”

Oct 20 – Dr. Roger Blumenthal, “The ABC’s of ASCVD Prevention”

Oct 13 – Dr. John Buse, “Type 2 Diabetes Care: Struggle, Progress and the Future”

Oct 6 – Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody and Dr. Amy Weil, “An Institutional Program to Increase Physician Engagement”

Sep 29 – Dr. Alex Duncan: “Inflammasomes in Infection and Inflammatory Disease: What Can Go Wrong with Host Defense”

Sep 22 – Dr. David J. Weber, Dr. Matthew Collins and Dr. Helen M. Lazear: “Zika Virus Infection”

Sep 15 – Dr. Gregg J. Silverman: “Rheumatoid Arthritis: From Genes to Joints”

Sep 8 – Dr. Christopher A. Klipstein: “On Lecturing: Tips on Delivering an Effective Lecture”

Jun 16 – Dr. Jonathan Juliano: “Illness in the Returning Traveler”

Jun 2 – Dr. Beth Jonas: “IgG4-Related Disease”

May 26 – Dr. Dirk Dittmer: “Global Oncology – Research and Implementation”

May 19 – Dr. Eugene Chung: “Sports Cardiology”

May 12 – Dr. Jan Busby-Whitehead: “Management of Urinary and Fecal Incontinence in the Elderly”

May 5 – Dr. Michael Pignone: “Colorectal Cancer Screening”

Apr 28 – Dr. Daniel Jonas: “Unhealthy Alcohol Use: Insights from Comparative Effectiveness Research”

Apr 21 – Dr. Stephan Moll: “Direct Oral Anticoagulants Update”

Apr 14 – Dr. Lisa Carey: “More or Less: Tailoring Breast Cancer Therapy”

Apr 7 –  Drs. Jonathan Serody & Pietro Dotti: “Immunotherapy & Cancer: Back to the Future” – Video not available

Mar 31 – Drs. Lisa Rose-Jones & Jimmy Ford: “New Treatments for Pulmonary Hypertension”

Mar 24 – Dr. Timothy Sadiq, “Modern Management of Colonic Diverticulitis”

Mar 17 – Dr. Jason Akulian: “The Use of Navigation Bronchoscopy in Lung Nodule Evaluation”

Mar 10 – Dr. Shannon Carson: “High Flow, BIPAP, or the Vent: Responding to Acute Respiratory Failure”

Mar 3 – Dr. Gerald Hladik: “Evaluation and Treatment of Hyponatremia”

Feb 25 – Dr. William Applegate: “Hypertension in the Elderly: From SHEP to SPRINT”

Feb 18 – Dr. Richard Loeser: “Osteoarthritis – Epidemiology, Pathogenesis & Therapeutic Alternatives”

Feb 4 – Drs. John Buse and Deborah Tate: “Obesity Management”

Jan 28 – Dr. Rick Stouffer: “In-Hospital STEMI”

Jan 21 – Dr. Sidney Smith: “Advances in the Treatment of Dyslipidemia: The New ACC/AHA Guidelines and PCSK9-Inhibition”

Jan 7 – Dr. Myron Cohen:  “Art Prevents HIV Transmission: What Happens Next”


Dec 17 – Dr. Sue Kirkman “Glycemic Goals in Diabetes”

Dec 3 – Paul Hayashi “Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Update on Clinical Management”

Nov 19 – Nicholas Shaheen “Misplaced Priorities and Barrett’s Esophagus”

Nov 12 – M&M – no recording

Nov 5 – lecture cancelled

Octo 29 – Dr. Paul Adams “Genetic Tales from Celtica – Diagnosis and Management of Hemochromatosis”

Oct 22 – Dr. Stephan Moll “DVT and PE Management Update”

Oct 15 – Dr. David Huang, “Endovascular Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke”

Oct 8 – M&M – no recording available

Oct 1 – Dr. Patricia Rivera, “Lung Cancer Screening”

Sep 24 – Dr. MIchael Gold, “Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death”

Sep 17 – Dr. Susan Mitchell, “Clinical Course of Advanced Dementia: Complications, Interventions and Decision-Making”

Sep 10 – Dr. Ron Falk, “What is the Purpose of a Department of Medicine?”


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