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Welcome to UNC!

We are excited to have you visit our program virtually and sincerely hope that you get the most out of this interview process.

Applicants chosen to interview are a highly selected group – we would welcome any and all of you to our program! Our goal for the day is not to “grill” you, but rather to allow you the opportunity to determine whether or not UNC is the right fit for you as you begin the process of building your career.

With this goal in mind, we have arranged the interview itinerary to allow you as much opportunity as possible to learn about UNC, our program, and our people.

Interview Itinerary

Each applicant will have one-on-one virtual interviews via Zoom with our Program Director, a Faculty Member, and one of our Chief Residents (EST time zone).

  • Program Director Interview: 10 minutes
  • Chief Resident Interview: 20 minutes
  • Faculty Interview: 30 minutes

You will be able to sign up for morning or afternoon interviews using our online scheduling system, Interview Broker. All applicants (morning and afternoon) will join the same Webex from 10:30-11:45am EST for the Welcome/Group Sessions led by our leadership team. Applicants will have the option of staying on the Webex for our department’s noon conference, and the last group session – an informal Q&A coffee hour led by our chiefs and residents. Our interviews days are on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our chiefs, along with a mix of our residents, will host virtual dinner socials for applicants on the Wednesday evening of each interview week. Applicants are also invited to join our resident Morning Report on Wednesday morning from 7:30-8:45am EST. Connection links (Zoom and Webex) will be shared via email to the applicant, embedded in their individualized, detailed schedule. These will be distributed approximately one week prior to the applicant’s interview day.

General Tuesday/Friday Interview Schedule (EST Time Zone)

  8:30-10:00am   Morning one-on-one virtual interviews via Zoom
  10:00-10:30am   Break
  10:30-11:45am   Welcome/Group Sessions via Webex
  11:45am-12:00pm   Break
  12:00-12:45pm   Department Noon Conference (same Webex link)
  12:50-1:30pm   Resident Coffee Hour (same Webex link)
  1:30-2:00pm   Break
  2:00-4:30pm   Afternoon one-on-one virtual interviews via Zoom